Appraisal Logistics announces promotion

Valuation Review

Appraisal Logistics has promoted Jake Ritterpusch, an experienced customer service professional and processor who has served the company since 2019, to sales executive

Appraisal Logistics’ client list increases

Valuation Review

Appraisal Logistics recently announced that an internal review showed the company added more than 30 new lender clients in 2021. This represents significant growth for the company during a year that challenged many in its space


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Appraisal Logistics CEO assumes MMBBA presidency

Valuation Review

Appraisal Logistics recently announced its president, Frank Danna, will serve as president of the Maryland Mortgage Bankers and Brokers Association for 2022. Danna is a long-time member of the organization and has served in various capacities through the years, but this is first time serving as president. Read on to learn more

Offerpad says it’s cracking the iBuyer code

Housing Wire

“What I keep saying – and I’ve tried to shout this from the rooftops for years – is that it comes down to execution and operations and logistics. This is as much a logistics business as much as it is a real estate technology company. Offerpad founder and CEO Brian Bair.

Zillow: Opportunity, emotion, trends behind home moves

Valuation Review

People are more likely to move now with the constant changing real estate industry helping homeowners overcome emotional and logistical obstacles that can get in the way. The pandemic brought changes that have caused more people to rethink their residencies, according to the 2021 Zillow Movers Report. Read on for more from Zillow

Offerpad lands $600M more in credit to power iBuying

Housing Wire

Bair has maintained that Offerpad possesses the operational logistics to accurately value homes as well as provide renovation services that prompt a house to resell for a profit.

Porch breaks into insurtech with $100M acquisition

Housing Wire

Porch Group previously acquired insurance broker Elite Insurance Group , logistics and moving services firm Kandela and personal services company HireAHelpe r.

Porch acquires mortgage software firm Floify for $90M

Housing Wire

It also previously acquired insurance broker Elite Insurance Group , logistics and moving services firm Kandela and personal services company HireAHelpe r.

Institutional investors now balk at buying homes in this market niche

Housing Wire

But it also makes sense given that their large-scale acquisition strategies could buckle under the logistical pressure of performing major renovations on hundreds or thousands of homes simultaneously.

Opportunities to improve the home-building process

Housing Wire

The build process was a logistical nightmare from start to finish. So many times I wondered to myself, “Why are site logistics and materials managed by someone in a truck writing on a notepad?” “Why

Essential Home Moving Tips for Seniors

Cleveland Appraisal Blog

By now, we are all aware of how daunting and logistically, and physically challenging it is to downsize and relocate. Howdy friends! I hope that you’re doing well! I have a special post from a first-time guest blogger, Betty White.

What role does appraisal tech have in creating customers for life?

Housing Wire

The second challenge is the actual logistics. For lenders to successfully manage their portfolios, they need to provide borrowers with a seamless mortgage process from start to finish.

Why Industrial Space for Rent Is the Hottest CRE Sector in 2021

The Robert Weiler Company

These buildings are a critical center for managing the distribution and logistical flow of products. A key characteristic of Class A Industrials is that they are near logistics hubs and growing population centers. An Overview: What Is Industrial Space for Rent?

How will appraisal technology evolve in 2022?

Housing Wire

WD: Reggora was founded with the goal of modernizing the appraisal industry to improve appraisal logistics and reduce turn times. With the recent news about desktop appraisals, appraisal technology is top of mind for many.

Where Are the Warehouses for Rent in Columbus Ohio? The Industrial Real Estate Wave Continues

The Robert Weiler Company

A more expansive, industry-friendly definition would likely include other logistics related to how staff is used to organize the warehouse space, the software required to manage the inventory, and the machinery necessary to move bulk items as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How to Buy a Home Before Selling the One You Live In

Raleigh Realty

If you're a current homeowner and are ready to relocate, there are some logistical and financial obstacles you'll need to overcome. Logistical Stressors Buying a new home before selling your existing home can be stressful not just financially, but logistically as well.

Realty 111

Yellen vows economic shakeup if confirmed for Treasury

Housing Wire

In addition to overseeing and aiding in the logistics of the relief package, Yellen said she will play a key role in pushing the Biden administration’s economic agenda on Capitol Hill.

What’s the key to a clear marketing strategy? Keep it simple

Housing Wire

DK : The easiest and most predictable answer was figuring out how to pivot and to logistically manage a workforce remotely. HousingWire’s newest Marketing Leaders award recognizes marketing executives like David King , CMO of A&D Mortgage who have been leading their teams to pivot marketing strategies to adapt to client needs in recent months. “We

Tough Decisions: How Caregivers Can Help Elderly or Disabled Loved Ones in Decline

Cleveland Appraisal Blog

Often, estate decisions come down to practicality and logistics. Hello everyone! I hope that you are doing good and hanging in there! Every now and then, I have a guest blogger that covers a topic that is not related to real estate. This is the case today.

5 Ways Transportation Teams Win With GoFormz


Increase Visibility and Accountability Inspections are a necessary part of transportation and logistics.

2022 Commercial Real Estate Trends: What’s Hot, What’s Not, and What to Watch

The Robert Weiler Company

Thus, data centers, infrastructure/cell towers, and industrial/logistics facilities will remain in high demand. Sometimes it seems as if crystal ball predictions are as much a Q1 tradition as an end-of-year seasonal cheer.

Medical Professionals Moving Guide: Healthcare Relocation Resources

Raleigh Realty

Logistics and Stress - It goes without saying that moving can be a stressful situation. Logistical Considerations to Alleviate Stress It goes without saying that moving can be a stressful situation, especially if you are moving with children.

Realty 123

Executive Assistant

Dart Appraisal

Executive Assistant Dart Appraisal is looking for an energetic, proactive, and highly experienced Executive Assistant to support our company’s President in our Troy, MI office.

Modernizing Appraisals: Collaborative Valuation

Appraisal Buzz

They are responsible for logging the order, creating the primary file, and handling the logistics of scheduling the appointments. This article was originally published in the Fall 2021 Appraisal Buzz Magazine here.

In-House vs. 3rd-Party On-Site Property Managers: Which Is Best for Your CRE?

The Robert Weiler Company

In some instances, this can be costly and logistically challenging. When it comes to property management – and property management companies – a great debate rages on.

What has Been the Impact of COVID-19 on the Real Estate Market?

Boston Appraisal

As can be imagined, they stated that there will continue to be a high demand for medical office space, regional manufacturing facilities and associated logistics, along with storage space for companies with lean supply chains and low inventory cover.

Women lead industry through the haze of pandemic

Housing Wire

She oversaw dress rehearsals in which Freddie Mac departments practiced remote work to find and fix technical and logistical glitches.

How to Buy a Home as a Single Mom or Dad

Raleigh Realty

Advantages to Owning A Home Now that we have covered some of the financial logistics of owning a home, we can move on to discussing some of its advantages.

Realty 117

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Your First Condo

Lamacchia Realty

The logistics of moving into your new home is one of the things you should know before buying your first condo. BUYING YOUR FIRST CONDO. Buying your first home is a great experience!

The Ultimate Guide to Estate Planning Appraisal for Real Estate Properties

The Robert Weiler Company

While his addition to the coveted 90-year-old club is welcomed news for nonagenarians and their families alike (not to mention his rabid fans), the logistics of that longevity include some serious discussions over estate planning.

Why 2021 is a Good Time to Start an Appraisal Business and How to Do It

Real Quantum

On the other hand, industrial properties, warehouses, and logistics centers are the exception to the rule, with plenty of entrepreneurs making use of them for delivery businesses. Why 2021 is a Good Time to Start an Appraisal Business and How to Do It.

Why Buy Commercial Real Estate? Deep Dive Into 6 Sought-After Property Types!

The Robert Weiler Company

When it comes to commercial real estate in Columbus, Ohio, our region is gaining a reputation for its youthful dynamism and robust growth in the logistics, professional services, retail, and digital sectors; all of which buoys the residential and commercial real estate investment market.

Yellen approved as Treasury Secretary in historic vote

Housing Wire

In addition to overseeing and aiding in the logistics of the relief package, Yellen said she will play a key role in pushing the Biden administration’s economic agenda on Capitol Hill. The U.S.

How to Calculate an Interest Reserve for a Construction Loan

Property Metrics

Logistically speaking, it’s a checking account where a predetermined amount of money is deposited as part of the first construction draw. There’s no doubt about it, construction lending is tough.

What Happens to My Mortgage If I Move?

Assurance Financial

However, selling before buying could also cause some logistical concerns. There are many factors to consider when selling a home, and you may be wondering what happens to your mortgage when you move.

VIDEO: Solution to Housing Shortage May Be Just a Printer Away

Will Springer Realtor

The company is partnering with non-profit New Story to identify land, need and logistics (including cooperation with local governments) before embarking on constructing small communities.

What’s the Difference Between a Fixed Interest Rate and an Adjustable Interest Rate?

Assurance Financial

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a homeowner looking to refinance your mortgage, the financial logistics of homeownership may have you asking some big questions.

Housing industry digs Biden’s American Jobs plan

Housing Wire

” Sharga highlighted several logistical challenges of the American Jobs Plan, namely that it requires highly coordinated efforts between the Federal Government, state and local governments and the private sector. President Joseph Biden’s announcement that he would unveil a $2 trillion infrastructure plan to Congress, dubbed the American Jobs Plan, was met mostly with praise within the housing industry.

5 Ways to Get to Know Your Neighbors


Volunteer to handle snacks and other logistics, and ask your more established neighbors to spread the word. Leaving friends and neighbors behind can be the toughest part of moving to a new home. These five tips will help you make connections and settle into your new community in no time.

Expectations for 2022 in Seattle/King County Real Estate

Will Springer Realtor

One recent analysis indicates prices could rise well above $5 a gallon at the pump by this time next year if OPEC nations continue to struggle with logistics and capital to explore crude oil.