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Opinion: tools for landlords to help low-income tenants

Housing Wire

The federal Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program is a powerful tool to help low-income families find apartments they can afford, but the program isn’t reaching its potential because far too few landlords participate in it. Why don’t landlords participate?

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article thumbnail acquires DIY landlord platform Avail

Housing Wire

., which operates , announced Tuesday it has acquired Avail , a platform that provides online tools, educational content and support for do-it-yourself landlords and tenants. We believe that Avail is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of the DIY landlords and tenants in a large, growing and underserved market.

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Freddie Mac spurs landlords to report on-time rent payments

Housing Wire

Freddie Mac wants to encourage multifamily landlords to report positive rental payments to the credit bureaus to give renters a better shot at qualifying for a mortgage. Esusu, a credit-building fintech, will deliver the on-time rental payment reports from landlords’ property management software to the credit bureaus.

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Wall Street investors are the new breed of single-family landlords

Housing Wire

A problem with that data so far, Burns said, is that it is difficult to distinguish large institutional buyers from mom-and-pop landlords with a handful of properties, or even how many are single buyers simply purchasing a vacation home. Burns concedes he is still working with the data and, at this point, only has a working hypothesis.

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The impact of COVID-19 on small landlords: How to lower the risks

Housing Wire

That means that small landlords – the mom-and-pop investors who own single-family homes for rent or perhaps a small apartment building – are not reflected in NMHC’s statistics. But it’s these landlords that are the most vulnerable to the economic impacts of COVID-19. Why smaller landlords are at risk. Already a member?

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What can landlords look for when screening tenants for a rental?


Here's a few more screening tips landlords might want to consider. An ineffective screening process can fail to block a potential threat to an investment property, experts told Inman.

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The Pandememic’s Toll on Small Landlords 

Appraisal Buzz

Mom and pop landlords have been forgoing maintenance due the eviction moratorium, as a new study reports that 28% of landlords were found deferring maintenance on at least one of their units during the pandemic. The post The Pandememic’s Toll on Small Landlords appeared first on DSNews.

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