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5 Passing Fads in Home Decorating


Home decorating trends have a habit of coming and going like the changing seasons. Here's a list of five of the most significant passing fads in home decorating and why they captured our imaginations briefly before being relegated to the annals of design history. What's in vogue today might be outdated tomorrow.

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Decorating Your Home for the Holidays When it’s on the Market

Lamacchia Realty

DECORATING YOUR HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS WHEN IT'S ON THE MARKET. One of the best parts about the holiday season is the tradition of decorating your home. However, if your house is on the market this holiday season, you’re probably wondering how to tastefully decorate your house for the holidays without turning away buyers.


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Keep your home’s safety in mind when decorating this holiday season.

Berkshire Hathaway

Here are a few safety tips to consider, while decorating this season: When pulling out the lights from last year’s holidays, take a hard look at the cords to ensure they are not frayed or broken. Keep extension cords and decorations in less trafficked areas to prevent tripping, twisting, or crushing cords.

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Beth Kushnick went from staging ‘The Good Wife’ to your listing


The longtime film and TV set decorator turned to staging for NYC-based real estate firm Archpoint Advisory on the cusp of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, and is enjoying the opportunity.

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It’s 2022 - Home Decor Trends Have Dropped


And now that many of us are still spending the majority of our time at home, it’s become a place where our decor dreams can come to life. So as the current circumstances encourage you to embrace the flexibility of your home, don’t be afraid to decorate and design "outside the lines." Splash of color, anyone?

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Cosmetic tweaks to help sell your house fast

Housing Wire

Keep Decor & Colors Neutral. That doesn’t mean you have to spend hours decorating your exterior. A bad smell can deter a potential buyer, which isn’t what you want. Before showing your home, consider lighting a candle or baking some chocolate chip cookies. This way, your home will smell inviting.

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Selling this spring? 12 ways to use Easter decor to attract buyers


Spring also brings major holidays like Easter, giving sellers the chance to decorate for the season and set themselves apart. Choose a bunny craft and decorate strategically, taking care not to overdo it. Most buyers value master bedroom staging even above kitchen decor. BYO bunnies. Crafty Morning/Facebook. Feature floral art.