Regions Bank places $1B bet on home renovation market

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Per a study from Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, renovation financing is expected to increase 3.3% The post Regions Bank places $1B bet on home renovation market appeared first on HousingWire.

Top markets for affordable renovated housing inventory

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Renovated Inventory to the Rescue. Despite the rapidly deteriorating affordability, there is some hope for homebuyers in the form of renovated homes: properties that have been rehabbed into move-in ready condition after being purchased at foreclosure auction or bank-owned (REO) auction.


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Finance of America now offers renovation loans

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announced today the launch of Finance of America Home Improvement , a new business division offering non-mortgage financing options, including renovation loans. Per a study from Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, renovation financing is expected to increase 3.3%

What renovations will add value to my home?

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We all love the feeling of a refreshed, renovated home, and being able to enjoy it instills a sense of pride in its owner. That’s partly why people are spending significant time, energy and money on home renovation projects these days. Areas Ripe for Renovation.

Renovation loans get pandemic boost as homeowners want home offices

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The Federal Housing Administration’s 203(k) rehabilitation mortgage insurance program is designed for borrowers to renovate when they purchase or refinance. In turn, the program opens access to much-needed renovation capital for borrowers.

Homeowners’ Renovation Spending Doubled Since 2001

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The post Homeowners’ Renovation Spending Doubled Since 2001 appeared first on DSNews. The post Homeowners’ Renovation Spending Doubled Since 2001 appeared first on Appraisal Buzz.

What renovations should you make before selling your home?

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Making these four renovations can help you do it successfully. A lot of buyers are shopping virtually these days, so any renovations that can make your home look better in photos is a good thing. The post What renovations should you make before selling your home?

Top renovations to protect homes from natural disasters

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Try one of these renovations: More for Real Estate Enthusiasts. Four renovations to consider before selling your house. If you’re not up to funding any major renovations at the moment, there are smaller changes you can make to reduce your risk in the event of a natural disaster.

Two-Thirds of Gen X Homeowners Plan on Renovating

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The post Two-Thirds of Gen X Homeowners Plan on Renovating appeared first on The post Two-Thirds of Gen X Homeowners Plan on Renovating appeared first on Appraisal Buzz. With real home equity reaching a new peak of $20.2

New Service is Designed to Help Homeowners Renovate

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The post New Service is Designed to Help Homeowners Renovate appeared first on DSNews. The post New Service is Designed to Help Homeowners Renovate appeared first on Appraisal Buzz.

Design 195

Home Renovations in 2021

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HOME RENOVATIONS IN 2021. As we begin to see the other side of the pandemic and throughout the past year, the home improvement and renovation industry is seeing an extremely high demand for tools, materials, and home improvement service providers.

AI provides home renovation tips

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The Appraisal Institute (AI) is encouraging homeowners to focus on cost-efficient improvement projects when seeking to improve their property’s value during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, according to a release on the AI website. Read on to learn more

Renovations remain a top priority for homeowners – survey

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The upward trend in renovation loan applications is likely to last for the remainder of 2021

Should I Use a Home Equity Line of Credit for Home Renovations?

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With current home equity line of credit (HELOC) rates averaging between 1.79% and 7.24%, many homeowners that have been considering using HELOC to fund their home renovations are finally taking the plunge. The Pros & Cons of Home Equity Line of Credit for Home Renovations.

The housing boom juices Home Depot’s bottom line

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According to a survey by , 54% of respondents said they made at least one home improvement last year, with the bulk having made renovations to their backyard, kitchen and home office at 21%, 20.1%, and 18.4% Lumber prices are up more than 170% over the last year, and wholesalers and builders have struggled to acquire enough material for new builds and renovations.

Interest rate hikes might have a knock-on effect on renovation budgets – observers

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The current renovation boom hinges on expectations that price growth will last indefinitely, observers say

Outdoor Renovations: Think Outside the Box


Kitchen and bathroom updates are some of the first ideas that usually come to mind, but you can get great returns from making outdoor renovations and improvements. Here are the top outdoor renovation ideas for you to focus on this year! Yard Renovations: Create an Outdoor Living Space.

Canadians mostly funding home renovations with their savings – survey

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The trend accompanied a steady decline in Canada’s non-mortgage debt load

Should You Renovate Before You Sell?

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In a normal market renovating your home before putting it up for sale was a great way to make it more appealing to buyers. However, this is not a normal market and with so many buyers competing for homes renovations may not be as important, which as a seller is great news because it will save you time and money! In a competitive market the faster you can list your home the better so taking time to do costly lengthy renovations is not going to be in your best interest.

Are home updates actually worth it right now?

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Renovations Can Be Beneficial. Renovations might make you feel better about putting your home on the market one day. Real Estate Enthusiasts home buying Home improvement Home renovations Special Report Special ReportsShould you update your home before putting it on the market?

Frustrated homebuyers turn to fixer-uppers

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After months of slogging through a string of disappointments, Patrick turned to a renovation loan and started looking at fixer-uppers. Patrick, a 25-year old tech worker, had his heart set on buying a home in the Reading, Massachusetts area, where he grew up.

A must-read for homeowners: Do you have to renovate before you sell?


Many more homebuyers are competing for available houses, and renovations might not be as necessary as they were to sell competitively just a few years ago. Taking the time (and spending the money) to renovate before selling might cause you to miss out on this chance.

Opportunities to improve the home-building process

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Block Renovations is a great example of a company using technology to make a multi-step process more efficient for contractors and more satisfying for customers. Some things in life are so complicated that it’s easier to say, “Screw it — I’m not going to do this at all.”

Do appraisals take into account home renovations? To what extent?


There are always pros and cons with any home renovation. Renovation pros and cons also apply when it comes to home appraisals. Renovations give your home the added value, but never as much as you spent on the renovations in the first place.

BMO on how many Canadians are planning to renovate instead of moving

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Current economic conditions incentivize a significant number of homeowners to stay put

3 Reasons to Live in a New Home Before Renovating


A home renovation can be yet another big and stressful project, what with all the decisions to make and contractors to deal with. Any renovation, no matter how small, should be designed with care. Find out which home renovations DIYers most regretted tackling themselves.

Quiz: Should You Renovate Your Home or Sell?


If you’re feeling discontent with your home, you may be thinking about renovating … or getting out entirely. Should You Renovate or Sell? Consider renovating. Before you begin, be sure to: Create a renovation budget and determine how you’ll finance the project.

Transform Your House Into Your Dream Home

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Do you have a Pinterest board where you’ve compiled images of what your future… Home Improvement Lifestyle REX Tips affordable renovations dream home home renovations home upgrades house transformation interior design

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

REX Real Estate

Rookie Podcast 92: Rookie Reply: How to Fund Rehabs and Renovations


This week’s question comes from Shantay on the Real Estate Rookie Facebook Group. Shantay is asking: We are about to close on a duplex. It is going to need a […]. Real Estate Rookie Podcast

Fixer Uppers 101

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What to Consider Before Purchasing a Fixer-Upper Although fixer-uppers are more affordable than purchasing a turnkey home in the perfect neighborhood, the process of buying a fixer-upper and renovating it is more complicated than what you see on television. Home Renovations in 2021.

Which home improvements add the most value? (Plus a few that don’t!)

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Following a seismic shift toward working and schooling from home during the COVID-19 pandemic,… Home Improvement REX Tips Selling Your Home home improvement home renovations home value marketing your home selling a home

New Remodel Loan Option; Rates NO LONGER Lower Than Last Week

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Freddie Mae has announced a new single-close mortgage product that will allow homeowners to finance the cost of small scale renovations.

10 Must-Watch House Flipping Shows in 2021


Before you jump into investing in real estate for the first time, you’ll want to arm yourself with… Investor Blogs Trends & News Fix and Flip Luxury Real Estate RenovationsGetting into real estate investing for beginners can be a daunting process.

Estimate Rehab Costs Quickly With This Simple 6-Step Process


Flipping Houses flipping flipping-houses real-estate-comm renovationWhether you're wholesaling or buying a fixer-upper to flip, you'll need to know how to estimate rehab costs. Our step-by-step guide shows you how.

9 Top Real Estate Shows to Watch in 2021


This post will show you the top 9 real estate shows on TV… Investor Blogs Real Estate Careers Agent Fix and Flip Real Estate Education RenovationsAre you a beginner real estate agent or investor? Want to learn new tricks of the trade?

The Key to Massive Rewards in a Hot Market? Extracting Intrinsic Value


Real Estate Deal Analysis & Advice deal-analysis-advice flipping renovation rookie-commImagine this scenario: It’s 2021. Everything and everyone around you is the same as when you went to bed last night. But you suddenly realize that prices on everything have […].

Common Real Estate Myths Debunked!

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Photo by stux–12364 There are many real estate myths out there, from commissions to renovations. You should renovate your kitchen or bathroom before you sell If your bath and kitchen look and work just fine there is no need to remodel it.

5 Things to Consider When Determining Cost of Rehabbing Your Home

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There’s… Home Improvement REX Tips rehabbing remodel renovateSo, you’re thinking about remodeling your home and are wondering where to start?

Feds, CMHC announce investment in Vancouver Indigenous housing

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Major property to be renovated and converted to supportive housing

Should I Stay or Should I Go?


Making a decision on whether to renovate your current home or make the move to buy a new one can be emotionally and financially complicated. Will the move be worth it for those improvements or would renovating your current home work out better for you?

How did Canada’s residential construction sector fare during the pandemic year?

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Renovations and new housing demand were central factors in the industry's recent performance

Lunch & Learn about Low Housing Supply, Lumber and Homebuilding

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Douglas Norman VP, Construction and Renovation Operations, On Q Financial. This Lunch and Learn will examine the nation’s lack of housing inventory and the factors that have contributed to a decline in homebuilding.