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How to Conduct a Smooth Real Estate Transaction


Making an offer. Constructing a real estate offer is an art. In order to reach an acceptable agreement with the most favorable terms, make sure your buyers are aware of the market and the most important factors when constructing an offer. Negotiating counter offers.

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Homes are selling well over listing prices as buyers compete against each other

Housing Wire

Not only are they shopping, but they’re putting down offers well over the listing price. According to the founder of The Agency Texas, Thomas Brown , the buyer was bidding for a home against multiple offers. How to negotiate your home purchase offer.

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Purchasing & Developing Land - Part 2 - The Process of Purchasing Land


Negotiating a Purchase Price Again, the tax assessor's office can give you a ballpark figure around which offers and counter-offers can hover. While it might seem counter-intuitive, appraising vacant land is more daunting than doing so for improved land.

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Appraisals 101: What to Expect From the Home Appraisal Process

Raleigh Realty

You've found a home you love, put down an offer you're excited about, and the closing date is fast approaching. Like making counter-offers and going through the home inspection process, the home appraisal can be a sticking point between buyer and seller.

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10 Real Estate Tips BEFORE You Sell Your Home

Raleigh Realty

In today’s market, sight-unseen offers are sometimes being made, which is even more of an incentive to have professionals take photos of your home. If the home matches what a buyer sees via pictures or video, they will likely be quicker in moving forward with placing an offer.

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5 Tips to Sell Your Home for the Most Money This Fall

Lamacchia Realty

In addition, if you do receive an offer in the first week that is less than you hoped, think twice before you deny it. There is always room to counter-offer and negotiate. 5 TIPS TO SELL YOUR HOME FOR THE MOST MONEY THIS FALL. It’ll be fall before you know it.

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The REO Guide: 10 Steps to Buying a Bank-Owned Home


The property is then offered to the public at a foreclosure auction and typically sold to the highest bidder. Real estate agent: A real estate agent will be able to find REO offerings from multiple lenders in your desired area. Step 6: Make an Offer.