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10 Appraisal Competencies Every Property Appraiser Should Master

Appraisal Buzz

” To help you out, we’ve put together a list of ten key things you should strive to do well as a property appraiser, plus resources you can use to hone your skills in each area. Key appraisal competencies Manage business expenses.

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How to Become a Property Appraiser


Top reasons why people choose an appraisal career include income potential, opportunity for flexible hours, and diverse career paths. Keep reading for insights on the appraisal profession, how to become a property appraiser, and, finally, how to maintain your license and grow your career. Call 800.328.2008.


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Property Appraisals: What You Need to Know

Appraisal Hub

A property appraisal is also known as real estate appraisal and it can help you learn your property’s real market value in Toronto. The company will assign an appropriate property appraiser to take care of the commercial or residential appraisals depending on your requirements. For commercial loans.

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StoicLane acquires Brentwood Property Appraisal

Valuation Review

StoicLane, a long-term growth platform, recently announced it completed the acquisition of Brentwood Property Appraisal. Brentwood is an AMC focused on the high-end residential market in California, New York, New Jersey, D.C., and Florida. Read on for more details of this transaction.

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A Few Surprising Factors That Can Affect Property Appraisals

Appraisal Hub

Its location, land size, and the current status of the real estate market in Toronto obviously have a huge impact on the value of your property. But did you know that there are many other elements that can help you get a higher appraisal?

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Do You Need a Property Appraisal During Divorce?

East Coast Appraisal

Read on to understand how you may divide properties during a divorce and if you will need a property appraisal. Understand How You May Divide Properties During a Divorce. How Does Appraisal Help? Whichever method of property division you choose, you'll need to know the property's value and ensure a fair division.

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The Challenges of Doing Multifamily Property Appraisals

Kairos Appraisal Services

Doing multifamily property appraisals can be very challenging because they aren’t done the same way as either single-family home or apartment building appraisals. In fact, a multifamily property appraisal is quite different from either.