Turn your record year into a record career by creating client-for-life relationships

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In this low interest rate environment, lenders are staying busy with high volumes and new clients. Ernie Graham: Once you’ve closed a transaction, there’s this natural halo effect you have with the client that means that they think well of you – until they forget about you.

Agents fight misconceptions to win deals for military veteran clients

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First, he has his clients lender call the listing agent. There remains a belief among listing agents and their clients that the VA appraisal and closing process will be a hassle.


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A financial planner on which clients benefit from reverse mortgages

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The financial planning community is often sought after by reverse mortgage professionals as a referral source, as planners can help provide necessary clarity to their clients who are seeking the preservation of financial assets and continuing stability.

Deephaven Adds Andrew Spicer to Lead Correspondent Client Development

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Non-QM residential mortgage loan provider adds 30-year veteran as its new VP of Correspondent Client Development. The post Deephaven Adds Andrew Spicer to Lead Correspondent Client Development appeared first on theMReport.com.

Creating clients for life in a hot purchase market

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In light of that, HousingWire sat down with Peter Paglia, Chief Strategy Officer at HomeBinder, to discuss how to create a “Client for Life” in this environment. HousingWire: As the refi boom simmers down, why should lenders focus on creating clients for life?

AmeriHome puts emphasis on long-term client relationships and scalability

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As one of the largest correspondent investors in the country, AmeriHome is focused on being a consistent, reliable partner to its clients. We believe in being a true partner to our clients,” said John Hedlund, chief operating officer of AmeriHome.

Clients and AMCs Say the Darndest Things

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The post Clients and AMCs Say the Darndest Things appeared first on Appraisal Buzz.

Deephaven Mortgage Hires Andy Spicer as Vice President of Client Development, Correspondent

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Andrew “Andy” Spicer recently joined non-agency lender Deephaven as vice president of client development, correspondent. The post Deephaven Mortgage Hires Andy Spicer as Vice President of Client Development, Correspondent appeared first on Appraisal Buzz.

Academy Mortgage Corporation Partners With Homebot Client-For-Life Portal

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“Homebot empowers our clients to connect with Academy’s Loan Officers about their home financing needs so they can make smart, well-timed decisions about their options,” said Jason Klaskin, SVP of Sales Support at Academy Mortgage.

Help your broker partners with client retention by retaining servicing

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The post Help your broker partners with client retention by retaining servicing appeared first on HousingWire.

Mortgage Cadence Clients Can Now Access Radian Title, Settlement Services

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Through the enhanced Radian integration, Mortgage Cadence clients can now access Radian’s suite of insured and non-insured title and settlement services via Mortgage Cadence’s Collaboration Center, in addition to Radian’s mortgage insurance services. Radian Group Inc.

Sales Boomerang’s automatic borrower intelligence system works to boost its clients’ customer retention

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Our clients retain as high as 65% or more of their past customers. The result is that for every $1 our clients pay us, we return $20 of profit to them,” says Kutsishin. Gone are the days of calling up a past client in the vague hope they might be ready for a new loan.

LBA Ware Taps Former State Bank VP Georgia Capalbo as Client Success Product Liaison

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Former State Bank vice president Georgia Capalbo has joined LBA Ware , a provider of incentive compensation management (ICM) and business intelligence (BI) software solutions for the mortgage industry, as client success product liaison.

Juan Farias: How Technology is Helping Loan Officers Enhance Client Relationships

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PERSON OF THE WEEK: How is technology helping LOs enhance client and partner relationships in the post-COVID landscape? The post Juan Farias: How Technology is Helping Loan Officers Enhance Client Relationships appeared first on Appraisal Buzz.

Client versus Intended User

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A student in my USPAP Update class recently asked me, “I know I can discuss the report with the client, but I’ve talked about the report with other intended users, too. The client is always an intended user for an appraisal or appraisal review assignment.

Porch vs. Patio: Do Your Clients Know the Difference?

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Porch vs. Patio: Do Your Clients Know the Difference? Article Source: Porch vs. Patio: Do Your Clients Know the Difference? The post Porch vs. Patio: Do Your Clients Know the Difference? Realtor Magazine. appeared first on Empire Appraisal Group. General

ProTip: Collect New Client Information Using This Feature


Simplify the collection of forms, data, and signatures with our Public Forms feature The ability to process and respond to new client inquiries is critical for any business. Once saved, you can copy your form link and post it to your website, or email the form directly to a client.

How brokers can help clients boost savings

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As purchase prices rise, so does the down payment - and Community Trust recognizes the importance of growing that nest egg

Are in-person client meetings a thing of the past?

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Virtual solutions could be here to stay even after the pandemic, according to one Toronto broker

6 Ideas to Help You Maintain a Client Relationship in Real Estate

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It’s important to know how to set up and maintain a good foundation with your clients. Listening is fundamental in creating a good working client relationship. Many agents are not in the habit of really listening to their client. Remember to follow up with your clients.

4 Ways to Accelerate New Client Intake with Online Forms


Streamline and simplify client intake with online forms and digital data capture Online forms eliminate common obstacles within client intake processes.

Client story: Bridging the gap with interim financing

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HomeEquity Bank's CHIP Open offered seamless solution for senior homeowner

Commercial Client Specialist

Dart Appraisal

Commercial Client Specialist The Client Specialist works closely with clients and appraisers in managing the ordering, processing, and completion of real estate appraisals, while ensuring appraisal independence and a compliant appraisal process. Assign appraisers to work orders in accordance with client requirements and Dart policies. Obtain client approval and appropriately document utilization of off–panel appraisers. Handle all client needs/requests.

Holy High Appraisal Fees, Batman! Please Warn Clients!

JMV Lending

Please Warn Clients! Economist Milton Friedman famously said, “Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.” meaning that it is always caused by increases in the supply of money) But, when it comes to appraisals Milton might be … wrong,** as hard as it is for me to type that.

Are you overpromising real estate closing times?

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This week, industry experts discuss how to navigate client and referral partner expectations and minimize closing times when factors like these begin to decelerate the buying process. Mortgage client expectations closing technology closing times Courtney Poulos Mark Canale Tawn Kelley

The conversations you need to be having with clients

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An industry president says the value of brokers lies in imparting frank advice in the current climate

10 Steps to Help Your Client Through the Home Buying Process

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How does a real estate agent help their client buy a home? Your client’s pre-approval letter is your ticket. . The first qualification is that it must fit within your client’s budget. The second qualification is that it is a property that your clients might be interested in.

ProTip: Gather Client Event Information and Requests with Online Form Sharing


Seamlessly share editable digital form drafts with users outside of your GoFormz account to capture event details It’s imperative that event planners and catering companies are effective and efficient when capturing client information and organizing various simultaneous requests.

What your clients need to know about appraisals

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Broker says this advice should be top of mind for all mortgage professionals

Do mortgage clients prefer virtual solutions or meeting in person?

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Principal broker offers his thoughts

People movers: Offerpad, LendingHome, Interfirst, Black, Mann & Graham, Promontory MortgagePath

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LendingHome OfferPad PCMA Private Client LendingThis week’s people mover announcements features another addition for Offerpad ‘s executive team, with Steve Johnson stepping into the role of chief operating officer.

Freddie Mac’s Cindy Waldron to speak at HousingWire Annual

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That why we’ve invited Cindy Waldron, vice president of research and analytics in the single-family client and community engagement division at Freddie Mac , to decipher what those numbers mean and how to help homeowners benefit from the fruits of that labor at our HousingWire Annual event on Oct.

Realtors: Should You Offer Concierge Services to Your Turnkey Clients?


Home concierge started as a way to lend money to homeowners for updates before selling. It has evolved to mean much more. Now, companies offer a full-service concierge service where they provide home renovation estimates, front the capital, manage contractors, and more. Business Management

Exactly what to say when your clients ask these big questions


Even in a typical year, you can expect clients to ask routine questions — and you’ll give them routine answers back. With so many changes taking place related to the pandemic, the economy, and the political sphere, your clients are going to come to you with complex questions.

Defying all boundaries: How to build award-winning client retention and engagement strategies

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Hear from the some of the country's best brokerage teams who discuss the innovative client strategies that have enabled them to achieve long-term sustainability and success

Real Estate Tools Help Add New Clients During Slow Periods

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When agents come across slow times, current property data and real estate marketing automation tools can be used to attract new clients and keep them updated as conditions change. The agent will have plenty of clients in their contact list who are prepped and ready to make a move.

Ideas to Help Prepare Clients when Real Estate Market Reopens

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There are times when the real estate market slows down, but there could still be ways to keep in touch with clients and provide them with valuable property data software for when business cranks back up.

The Customer Experience: REX offers attentive service to clients

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When 2020 began, Ricardo Becerra knew the new year would be filled with plenty… Buying a Home Customer Testimonial REX Tips rex home loans REX in REX real estate

What Are the Fiduciary Duties of a Real Estate Agent?

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You have to build strong relationships with your clients to have a long, lucrative career in real estate. . When your clients like working with you, they will recommend your services to other people they know. To do this, you have to build trust with your client.

How Does a Request for Repairs Work in California?

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If your client is buying a house with defects, they don’t have to stay silent. A real estate agent should talk to their client about the inspection report. The agents negotiate on behalf of their clients to determine the best option for everyone. By Elias Magers.

Pre-Approval vs. Pre-Qualified: What’s the Difference?

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Real estate agents should expect their clients to withdraw a home loan to buy a property. Before you are able to help your client with their mortgage application process, you must first connect them with the right lender. . By Bettina Siochi. How do people afford houses?

Why Do Buyers Back Out of the Real Estate Transaction?

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Real Estate 330: Interacting With Clients Real Estate Escrow Real Estate Transactions Residential Real EstateBy Bettina Siochi. A real estate transaction is hard to close. So many moving parts make it stressful and hard to maintain. That’s why they pay real estate agents the big bucks.

How one company aims to put lenders at the forefront of online home search

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HW Media CEO Clayton Collins recently spoke with Ernie Graham, CEO and Co-founder at Homebot , to dive into what it really means for mortgage professionals to create clients for life , and how Homebot is doing that through the entire home-buying process, starting with home search. “It