Urban home values growing faster than ‘burbs in Midwest

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A Zillow report released Thursday shows urban home values in Midwest cities — namely, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Kansas City, Columbus and Indianapolis — have risen faster than suburban home values over the past several months. rise in urban home values, and St.

Home Value Forecast Predicts Slowdown in Growth

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Rapidly rising mortgage rates are worsening affordability challenges that have been brought on by record home value growth. home are 19.5% Despite this, the pace … The post Home Value Forecast Predicts Slowdown in Growth appeared first on DSNews.


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Home Value Appreciation Slows

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For the first time since January, home value appreciation slowed month over month in August. Competition eased slightly as inventory rose for a fourth consecutive month, … The post Home Value Appreciation Slows appeared first on theMReport.com.

DIY projects to increase your home value

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In the past year, there’s been an upturn in home improvement projects. According to a survey completed by Bid-On-Equipment, 89% of American homeowners made some sort of improvement to their homes during the pandemic. Taking the leap: The benefits of buying vs. renting a home.

Home Values Up Nearly 20% From Last Year

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People were not just fighting to get gifts this holiday season, they were also eager to get into homes entering the market in droves. According to Zillow’s December Home Market Report, home values grew a record 1.6%

Home Values Appreciate 19.2% YoY in October

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A seasonal slowdown in purchase activity has not dampened home values, as the limited supply remains priced at a premium. The post Home Values Appreciate 19.2% The post Home Values Appreciate 19.2%

Home Values Rise to Highest Point Since Pandemic Start

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The median price of a home continues on a month-over-month upward trajectory, as short inventory plays a major factor into homebuyer’s decision-making in pursuit of the American Dream. . The post Home Values Rise to Highest Point Since Pandemic Start appeared first on theMReport.com.

A Look at Home Values in Communities of Color

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Home prices nationwide have rapidly accelerated over the past year, and in communities of color, price appreciation is even more intense. The post A Look at Home Values in Communities of Color appeared first on Appraisal Buzz.

Fannie Mae exec details efficiency in fair home value processes

Valuation Review

Fannie Mae Single-Family Collateral Risk Management Senior Vice President Jake Williamson shares with Valuation Review thoughts from his recent blog “The Journey to a More Efficient and Fair Home Valuation Process.”

Home Values Increase $9 Trillion Over the Past Year for U.S. Homeowners

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trillion of housing value over the past year as housing prices continued to climb amid a severe shortage of homes for sale, according to a new report from Redf i n. The value of U.S. homes surged 31.4% The post Home Values Increase $9 Trillion Over the Past Year for U.S.

Homebot Monthly Home Value Report

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The homebot monthly home value report is now available and is absolutely free. Homebot provides home owners an unequaled depth of information about their home and competing market.

Bedroom Counts And Home Values – A Very Big Deal!

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The post Bedroom Counts And Home Values – A Very Big Deal! WHAT CONSTITUTES A BEDROOM? I wrote a blog last year called What Constitutes A Bedroom? in response to an agent who was angry b/c our appraiser refused to deem a 42 square foot (sf) room “a bedroom.”

Will Home Values Hold?


Those preparing to reap that return have reason to be glad these days -- home values averaged $676,000 nationwide in June of 2021. Certain realities should be considered when setting expectations for the long-term values of residences. How Many Are Seeking Homes?

Annual home value growth highest in 16 years

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A perceived endless demand and low supply have driven record-breaking home value appreciation over the past year, according to Zillow’s latest market report. April pushed the envelope even further with an annual home value growth for a typical U.S. home at 11.6

Several Ways Home Value is Considered

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The discussions surrounding the question of “what’s a home worth” will never end, because there is no standard answer. A home has a number of “values” and most are not tied to the buyers in the market. Market Value Market value anticipates the “a home should sell for” question.

Home Appraisals vs Online Home Value Calculators

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Home Appraisals and Online Home Value Estimates Are NOT the Same Thing. On-site vs. Online: Proper Home Appraisals Need to be Done in Person. Online home value estimates, however, are not a substitute for a house appraisal carried out by a licensed real estate appraiser.

“Post-COVID-19 Home Values & Valuation” panel session

Clear Capital

Watch our panel session from IMN Jumbo Mortgage Loan Virtual Symposium to hear the panelists discuss housing market trends, changes in the appraisal process, forecasting home prices, and how housing migration is affecting the jumbo market.

CFPB settles with reverse lender over “deceptive” home estimates

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) today settled a lawsuit against the nation’s largest reverse mortgage lender for allegedly sending consumers inflated home valuations. AAG is built on its core values of being caring, driven and ethical,” the spokesperson said. “We

5 Reasons Why You Should Find Out Your Home Value

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Whether you plan to sell, refinance… Home Improvement Marketing Your Home Real Estate Investing Selling Your Home equity home equity home improvement home value refinancing refinancing a home selling a home Selling My Home zillow

How Remaining Economic Life Works

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That would be the home’s total physical life. Therefore, the remaining economic life of a home is the number of years remaining before the improvements on the site no longer contribute to the value of the property. Say a comparable home just sold for $500,000.

Home prices haven’t risen this fast since 2005

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Home prices accelerated yet again in March, for the 10th straight time. from March 2020, according to the most recent S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Home Price Index report. Phoenix saw a 20% year-over-year home price increase, followed by San Diego with a 19.1%

Fluffing, decreases home values

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We’ve seen 1 bedroom homes “fluffed” into 4 bedrooms, and 0 bath homes “fluffed” into 1 bath homes - BY BROKERS?! The average home buyer who sees HGTV a couple times before they go looking is not sensitive to that,” he says.

How Old Comparable Sales Are Used to Appraise Current Home Values?

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It is pretty common knowledge that appraisers should select the most recent home sales as comparable. Additionally, older comparable sales that are the best indicator of value for the subject property can be used if appropriate. Rogers Park Single Family Home Example.

What’s Your View?

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There is the owner of the home, who has a view of what they feel their home is worth. Buyers have their view of how much they are willing to pay for a home. Real estate agents have a view of what the home should be listed for, based upon their research and experience.

Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value Without Spending a Fortune

Cleveland Appraisal Blog

Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value Without Spending a Fortune. Buying a property is not just about creating a home, it is making a long-term investment. The moves you make can maintain the value of a property or they can send it through the roof. Home office.

How To Still Get Home Appraisals Done During COVID-19 & It’s Impact on Home Values

Chicagoland Appraisal Blog

The post How To Still Get Home Appraisals Done During COVID-19 & It’s Impact on Home Values appeared first on Chicagoland Appraisals.

Why Homes Have to “Season” After Close Before Appraising Them for More

JMV Lending

“I knew a guy who sold his house for $100,000 under the market value because he felt like it…” said nobody. My point is that no seller is ever going to knowingly sell a property for under market value in this day and age – when listing information is made available to everyone via […].

Homeownership Rates by Race and Ethnicity

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Read More › Economic Indicators Economics ethnicity home values homeownership race survey of consumer financesThe Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF) provides detailed information on the finances of U.S.

#1 Factor Zillow Estimates Get The Most Wrong (Why We Need Appraisers)

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Appraisals Our Blog appraisals appraisers home value zestimate zillowI lived in the same neighborhood for over 20 years and did hundreds of loans within the area – so I knew every nuance of the area.

Listing Prices Hit Highest Median Ever

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Assuming all these factors and new construction hold steady, we could begin to see inventory increases this summer—welcome news for buyers who have endured pandemic home shopping and can continue their journey despite higher buying costs.”. Home Values

Homes With Pools Are Selling at a Premium

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Homes With Pools Are Selling at a Premium. Source: Homes With Pools Are Selling at a Premium | Realtor Magazine. The post Homes With Pools Are Selling at a Premium appeared first on Empire Appraisal Group. Home Values

Top Remodeling Projects for Resale

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Home remodeling projects aren’t only offering a potential boost at resale; they’re also making homeowners happier. Painting a home’s interior, adding a home office, installing hardwood flooring, and renovating closets made consumers happiest, the report shows. Home Values

Does Price Per Square Foot Give An Accurate Home Value?

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In the world of real estate, it is very common for homes to be valued by their square footage. Understanding the way a price is set per square foot and how it works is seeing and understanding the market value of properties. appeared first on Austin Home Appraisal Team.

Teardowns Return as the Cost of Land Rises

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s midcentury homes – basic one-story cinderblocks – are being torn down and replaced as the amount of buildable land disappears. They built their homes as stalwart as their ethos – all cinderblock and right angles, no nonsense, no frills. Home Values

Case-Shiller Price Increases: 2 Fla. Cities Top List

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Nationwide, home prices rose 18.8% NEW YORK – One of the most-watched indicators of home prices, the S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI), found a slight slowdown in the national rate of home price increases – but less so in Florida. Home Values

Has 2021 Been a $2 Trillion Year?

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The real estate data firm CoreLogic reports that the total value of residential real estate transactions in 2021’s second quarter topped $600 billion for the third time in the past year. The increase in home prices is behind the upswing. Home Values

Study: ADUs Can Add 35% to Home’s Value

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Study: ADUs Can Add 35% to Home’s Value. ADUs are growing at a rate of 9% or 100,000 per year, according to a new analysis by Porch.com, a home improvement site. million homes with an ADU in the U.S. Home Values

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Top 10 ‘Hot Markets’ for 2022? Eight Are in Fla.

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of home searches came from a different metro area. Share of homes that sold above list price: 36%. Share of homes that sold above list price: 53%. Share of homes that sold above list price: 28%. Share of homes that sold above list price: 39%. Home Values

Single-Family Lot Values Have Never Been Higher

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Single-Family Lot Values Have Never Been Higher. Source: Single-Family Lot Values Have Never Been Higher | Realtor Magazine. Lot values for single-family, detached homes have never been higher. Home Values

Condo Prices Are Shooting Through the Roof in Florida

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Over the past year, sales have rapidly been on the rise, whether for a permanent residence or even as a second home. More people were desiring space and distance from neighbors—single-family homes in the suburbs and exurbs surged. Home Values