Planning an Open House? Don’t Forget These Key Preparations

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If you’re planning on selling your home, you’re probably going to have open houses so that you can let buyers see for themselves the wonderful features of your home. How can you get the most impact from an open house? Now she wants to have an open house.

NAR: 31% of Realtors say they feel unsafe at open houses

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According to the report, 31% of Realtors said they feel unsafe during an open house or showings, and 27% said they feel unsafe when meeting a new client for the first time at a scheduled location or property. Realtors also have to contend with the people they allow into house.


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Open House Pros vs. Cons

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An open house is a scheduled amount of time where the home is open and available for viewing by potential buyers. Open houses have the ability to attract interested buyers and potentially lead to an offer, or alert the realtor to issues with the space.

Open houses are returning

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Open houses are returning to the California real estate scene, and private showings are also becoming more relaxed, but it won’t be a return to pre-pandemic practices just yet. Buying Tips Selling Tips Working in real estate open house open houses

Open House tips for home buyers

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Inventory is low, and home buyers are swarming open houses. Today I want to provide some open house tips for home buyers so that you don’t damage your odds of success should you want to write an offer on it later. Buying Tips buyer tips open house

Are Open Houses Worth It?


Historically, open houses have been a marketing staple for listing agents. Open houses can be an effective tool in a buyer's real estate market. " The Covid-19 pandemic also changed the concept of open houses.

Questions To Ask At An Open House


If you are considering buying a new house, there are endless questions that run through your mind. You want to make sure the house you are viewing is exactly what… Beginner Investors Investor Blogs Real Estate Advice Real Estate Tips

Selling a Home Vacant vs. Furnished: How it Impacts Open Houses

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SELLING A HOME VACANT VS. FURNISHED: HOW IT IMPACTS OPEN HOUSES. Pros of Selling Furnished Helps the buyer see how each room can be utilized Makes the house feel more like a home, not just a structure Furniture helps cover small imperfections (chipped paint, a scratch on the floor, etc.)

Home Selling Tips 2022: The Complete Seller’s Guide


Are you… Investor Blogs Selling Investment Property Appreciation Open House Renovations Return on Investment Seller's Agent Sellers Market

Investing in a Rental Property? The 10 Real Estate Tips You Need in 2021


When done using the right real estate tips, buying… Buying Investment Property Investor Blogs Agent Down Payment Mortgage Neighborhood Analysis Open House Property Search

New Realities Buyers and Sellers Should Prepare For

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The rapidly changing COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the real estate industry and is… Buying a Home Selling Your Home covid-19 low interest rates selling a home virtual open house virtual showing

3 Things to Do When Your Neighbors List Their Home for Sale


But when a neighbor's house goes on the market, there can be some important implications for you. Open houses allow buyers to spend some time exploring a home, but these events also present you with a chance to see your home from your neighbor's perspective.

Real Estate Tech Demo Day: Zigzy

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It offers open house sign-ins that automatically convert into a prospect, easily shareable listings for social media, virtual open house capability, personalized marketing materials and so much more! #1. Townify. Townify?provides?Real?Estate?Agents provides?Real?Estate?Agents

Real estate agents can host virtual home tours with this new solution

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On Wednesday, real estate tech company Zigzy launched beta testing of Townify, a solution that enables real estate agents to host virtual open houses , which has become a necessity in a time when we are told to remain socially distant, the company said in a release. Also via Townify, home sellers can control the number of people who visit their house. Although states have reopened, allowing for open houses to resume at limited capacity, virtual home tours remain popular.

As homebuyers flee to luxury mountain towns, local housing markets are heating up

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Like the rest of the country, open houses in Vail shut down in April and May, squeezing an already compressed buying season for the vacation area. The post As homebuyers flee to luxury mountain towns, local housing markets are heating up appeared first on HousingWire.

Buyers viewed just eight homes before making their purchase

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From 2004 to 2006, during the housing boom years, even though homes were moving at a rapid pace, buyers typically looked at nine homes. In December, housing inventory dropped below 1 million units for the first time on record and at the current sales pace there is only a 1.8

Buyers 364

Study: Real estate firms thrive on repeat and referral business

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On the flip side, interest generated from traditional open houses declined from 2018, according to the National Association of Realtors ’ 2021 Profile of Real Estate Firms. In 2018, 1% of surveyed brokerages said their business came from open houses.

Will a second lockdown cool off the red-hot Seattle housing market?

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14, a move that suspended open houses , although private showings are allowed with no more than five people. What is this second lockdown going to do to the red-hot Seattle housing market? In November, the state of Washington was placed in a second lockdown until Dec.

Why there are so few real estate agents of color

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Amy Kong of Trust Real Estate hosts open houses where people ask, “Where is the agent?”. Shawneequa Badger, leads an agent team at Corcoran Living in Oakland. Sudi Hernandez of Cloud 9 Real Estate Group loses leads when a client hears her Cuban accent.

Wells Fargo pays $96M to settle LO comp lawsuit

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The lender’s account fraud scandal, in which millions of fraudulent savings and checking accounts were opened on behalf of Wells Fargo clients without their consent, became widely known in 2016. Wells Fargo agreed to pay $95.7

Legal 390

Creating the Perfect Home Office in a Small Living Space

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Housing Has Become Short, Brutish & Nasty – Housing Notes by Jonathan Miller. Scott Peterson’s house & raging price growth – Sacramento Appraisal Blog. Hello! I hope you are hanging in there in these crazy times!

As the market shifts to purchase, LOs get creative

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The pastor of the Ukrainian church is currently looking to buy a house and I’m working on his pre approval.”. A sales manager, who requested anonymity, said that he helps newbie LOs by reviewing their strategies to pull in business at open houses.

Opendoor resumes iBuying in all of its markets

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Home sellers can sell their homes directly to Opendoor via Sell Direct, a contact-free solution giving homeowners the certainty of a home sale without worrying about listings, open houses and repairs. Opendoor has resumed operations in all 21 of its markets as of Tuesday.

RedfinNow launches in Phoenix housing market

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Since COVID-19 has enforced more restrictions on open houses, Redfin allows buyers to unlock the door of most RedfinNow listings via the Redfin app and self-tour seven days a week from 8 a.m. ” How the mortgage industry is working together to make housing more affordable.

CFPB: lenders engaged in redlining, reported bad data

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In the lender’s direct marketing and open house materials, the models were white. Lenders gave less compensation for bond loans subject to the requirements of a state Housing Finance Agency.

Brokerage uses VR to get consumers inside houses that haven’t been built yet

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Over the last few months, iBuyers and brokerages alike have launched solutions to keeping business going during the pandemic, including virtual home tours , 3D home tours and hosting virtual open houses. Urban District Realty , a Washington, D.C.-based

The Complete Guide to Virtual House Hunting During COVID-19

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The Complete Guide to Virtual House Hunting During COVID-19. Although certain things, such as crowded open houses, will be off-limits for the time being, it’s still entirely possible to buy a new home. I hope that you find this article to be helpful in your hunt for a house!

Flattening The Curve And Seeing The Shift From Greed To Fear

Miller Samuel

We've been self-quarantined in our house for 1.5 However, all of these housing-related workers such as appraisers and agents, are starting to see that market conditions do not include the gift that it will be "business as usual." [ NPR ].

Improving your real estate technology, from search to sold

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Whether you’re a real estate agent needing to spruce up the yard for an open house or a DIY landlord who needs ongoing yard care for your rental properties, you can manage it all from the TaskEasy app.

OJO Labs’ Karen Starns on the latest consumer insights in real estate

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Nominations for HousingWire’s Marketing Leaders award are now open through Friday, March 25, 2022. Starns was honored as a 2021 Marketing Leader , one of HousingWire’s newest awards that recognizes the best-of-best marketing execs in housing.

3 mortgage industry trends that will define the rest of 2021

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Emerging out of the pandemic, the first half of 2021 showed that there is a historically low housing inventory across multiple markets in the U.S. Low housing inventory and the general uncertainty in the economy all factor into the current market price for homes and interest rates.

Black Americans still face massive housing barriers

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” Earlier this month, groups including the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Mortgage Bankers Association, the National Association of Realtors, the National Association of Real Estate Brokers unveiled a plan to increase Black homeownership significantly by 2030.

9 Things to Know Before Selling a Home For Sale by Owner

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How to Sell a House By Owner (FSBO) Before selling your home for sale by owner, it's important to understand the pros and cons, what's involved, and what to expect throughout the process. This may be a themed open house that involves food, entertainment, etc.

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What is the MLS in Real Estate?

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How to Find Open Houses on the MLS. Another great feature of the MLS is the Open Houses section. . You can see all the properties that are holding an Open House in that area and take your buyer to preview those homes without an appointment. By Karen D.

Cadence Bank reaches settlement with DOJ over redlining

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The DOJ alleged that between 2013 to 2017, the bank violated the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act “by avoiding predominantly Black and Hispanic neighborhoods [in the Houston, metro area] because of the race, color and national origin of the people living in those neighborhoods.”.

Prepping for a Winter Sale

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Make sure if you have an open house that there is easy access and that you put down ice-melt because an injured guest is the last thing you want. With the days being shorter during the winter, a lot of your workweek open houses may be at night. PREPPING FOR A WINTER SALE.

Easy Fixes Sellers Can Make to Enhance Their Home 

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Before an open house, and even before taking photos for your listing, do a walkthrough of your home and make note of any missing or damaged cover plates. If there are windows in your home that need blinds, it’s safer to replace them prior to open houses and accepting offers.

Missing Middle Housing in Victoria, BC

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Victoria’s Missing Middle Housing Initiative. As Canada’s housing market continues to hit record levels, young Victoria families are facing the decision to stay in condominiums and apartments or move elsewhere to be able to purchase a single-family home or townhouse with yard space.

Current Real Estate Industry Trends

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During this period, many British Columbians experienced layoffs, placed themselves in social isolation and were hesitant to open their homes to strangers. Live-streamed open houses, virtual walkthroughs, masks and sanitizer waiting at listed homes became common as the first weeks wore on.

Tips for Buying a House in a Seller’s Market

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During home shopping, most homebuyers want to know whether the current housing market is a seller’s market or a buyer’s market, along with how to get a good deal in a seller’s market. The housing market is either a buyer’s market or a seller’s market.