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NAR: 31% of Realtors say they feel unsafe at open houses

Housing Wire

According to the report, 31% of Realtors said they feel unsafe during an open house or showings, and 27% said they feel unsafe when meeting a new client for the first time at a scheduled location or property. Realtors also have to contend with the people they allow into house. Those fears are not unfounded.

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The pandemic broke open houses. Can a financial downturn fix them?


Open houses have been on the decline for decades, with the typical seller hosting only one open house event. However, data shows the current downturn could breathe new life into the practice.


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Planning an Open House? Don’t Forget These Key Preparations

Cleveland Appraisal Blog

If you’re planning on selling your home, you’re probably going to have open houses so that you can let buyers see for themselves the wonderful features of your home. How can you get the most impact from an open house? Now she wants to have an open house. The spring selling season is upon us.

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Songs for a Successful Open House


These findings could also indicate that playing the right kind of music during your open house could improve your sales rate in real estate. Best Tunes for Your Open House. Consider the type of people who might show up to your open house. Are they young families or established, sophisticated empty nesters?

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Open House Pros vs. Cons

Berkshire Hathaway

An open house is a scheduled amount of time where the home is open and available for viewing by potential buyers. Open houses have the ability to attract interested buyers and potentially lead to an offer, or alert the realtor to issues with the space.

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Open houses are returning

San Jose Real Estate

Open houses are returning to the California real estate scene, and private showings are also becoming more relaxed, but it won’t be a return to pre-pandemic practices just yet.

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Open House tips for home buyers

San Jose Real Estate

Inventory is low, and home buyers are swarming open houses. Today I want to provide some open house tips for home buyers so that you don’t damage your odds of success should you want to write an offer on it later. When visiting the open house, the listing agent may be assessing you while you […].