Are homebuilders burning bridges with real estate agents?

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Real estate agent Alanna Strei’s client wanted to check out “Tesoro Vista Del Sur,” 134 newly built townhouses in the Ocean View Hills area of San Diego. Do you need an agent when you have 10 buyers for every home?” Agents don’t want to hear that.

A real estate agent’s guide to long-term success

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Staying productive and focused in the real estate market requires a combination of intelligent business decisions, technology and having a long-term approach to your strategy. That way, real estate agents can close sales without losing any potential leads.


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DropOffer wants real estate agents to go off-market

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Low inventory means fewer choices for homebuyers, but for years enterprising real estate agents have worked around tight market conditions by searching for off-market homes that fit their clients’ specifications. Housing market inventory is low right now. Historically low.

New program puts Black real estate agents at forefront

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The National Association of Real Estate Brokers has announced the creation of its “Black Real Estate Agent” program to provide financial, educational, and career support for aspiring Black real estate agents.

The evolution of the more productive real estate agent 

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Bonnie Williamson never intended to be a real estate agent. As more and more people enter the real estate industry – membership at the National Association of Realtors has ballooned to a record 1.6 Real estate agents are busier than ever.

Where real estate agents fit into Zillow’s grand vision

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Zillow, for years, made money selling leads to real estate agents, a practice that agents like Herrera already felt ambivalent toward. The post Where real estate agents fit into Zillow’s grand vision appeared first on HousingWire.

Feds seek to enlist real estate agents in anti-corruption push

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FinCEN’s proposed regulation, outlined in an “advanced notice of proposed rulemaking” published in the Federal Register , seeks to create general recordkeeping and reporting mandates — now authorized under the Bank Secrecy Act — for persons involved in all-cash real estate transactions.

How is the housing market impacting real estate agents?

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A real estate agent at Compass Florida in Coconut Grove, Schechter has 12 years of experience in the real estate industry, so he’s familiar with its cyclical ups and downs. But what about real estate agents?

Need a real estate agent? Here’s how to pick the right one

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That’s what real estate agents are here for. Almost 90% of buyers recently used a real estate agent or broker to purchase their home, according to the National Association of Realtors. But not every real estate agent is a match for every homebuyer. .

The activities RESPA allows real estate agents to perform

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Most real estate professionals understand that the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act (RESPA) was created keeping customers in mind. RESPA has strict rules for real estate and mortgage professionals regarding kickbacks, referrals, and unnecessary fees.

In today’s hot housing market, how are real estate agents staying competitive?

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Are you running your real estate practice like a business? Or is being a real estate agent just a side hustle for you – something you do in your spare time? Naomi Lempert Lopez , Real Estate Agent, Coldwell Banker Real Estate, San Francisco, Calif.

Top five questions to ask a potential real estate agent

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In today’s red-hot market, you need a real estate agent who can get creative, play hardball in negotiations, and help you stand out from the pack in a bidding war. And not everyone — even an agent recommended to you by a friend or loved one — is up to the task.

Real estate agents hold breath on commission disclosure

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But the session did not reach a looming inflection point for real estate agents: Whether they must tell homebuyers what commission percentage they stand to make. At issue is unprecedented transparency required out of real estate agents.

Seattle tops list of best metros for real estate agents

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cities determined that Seattle is the top market for real estate agents to currently work in, and Corpus Christi, Texas, was deemed the worst. In studying the cities, two factors were considered — job opportunity and competition, and real estate market health.

Why there are so few real estate agents of color

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Shawneequa Badger, leads an agent team at Corcoran Living in Oakland. Sudi Hernandez of Cloud 9 Real Estate Group loses leads when a client hears her Cuban accent. Amy Kong of Trust Real Estate hosts open houses where people ask, “Where is the agent?”.

No seasonal slowdown this year as real estate agents report a busier-than-usual fall

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The post No seasonal slowdown this year as real estate agents report a busier-than-usual fall appeared first on HousingWire. Housing Market Real Estate COVID-19 pandemic Fall homebuying home sellers homebuyers Homebuying season Real estate agents summer homebuying

How lenders can build valuable referral relationships with real estate agents

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The ideal real estate agent-lender relationship is symbiotic: the agent earns trust with their borrowers by connecting them with a great lending resource, while the lender receives a steady stream of business from the agent.

The DOJ vs. NAR: What’s the impact to real estate agents?

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The following Q&A comes from the HW+ exclusive Slack channel, where HousingWire Senior Real Estate Reporter Matthew Blake answered questions about his latest coverage on the impact of the DOJ’s decision and how the industry is gearing up to respond.

Stronger real estate agent connections will be the key to lending success in 2022 – Here’s why

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That means you’ve been thinking about real estate agents…a lot. The purchase money mortgage transaction begins with the real estate sales contract and that’s not something our industry controls. Being where the agents are for better connections.

How real estate agents can alleviate consumer pain points in a tight market

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The severe lack of inventory in today’s housing market has been a source of stress for home buyers and real estate agents alike. They still face a scary, complex process – despite massive investment in the digital real estate space over the past decades.

Two home offices? Real estate agents dish on the latest must-have amenities

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But the agent with TeamBarham, Keller Williams Homewood didn’t expect the grub question. As Americans ditch urban cores for roomier abodes in the suburbs, real estate agents say the list of must-haves has changed: buyers are looking for pools, home offices and makeshift learning centers.

What conversion rate should real estate agents expect when they purchase leads?

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No matter how experienced a real estate agent is, he or she relies on leads for business growth. But industry professionals report that there’s a misconception among agents about conversion rates. Real Estate Real Estate Tech HWplus

Side’s Guy Gal on championing the high-volume real estate agent

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It became very obvious that you had this segment of real estate professionals that was unlike most others,” said Gal, who launched San Francisco-based Side in 2017 with Edward Wu and Hilary Saunders. Agents/Brokers Real Estate Brokerage Featured Guy Gal HWplus Side

Real estate agents can host virtual home tours with this new solution

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On Wednesday, real estate tech company Zigzy launched beta testing of Townify, a solution that enables real estate agents to host virtual open houses , which has become a necessity in a time when we are told to remain socially distant, the company said in a release. One popular tech solution in the real estate space is virtual home tours, which the likes of Zillow , Redfin , and Keller Williams have adapted to keep business going in a safe way.

Why more real estate agents are leaving online portal leads behind

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In 2018, real estate agent Luis Robledo received a lead for a potential buyer looking to live in Venice Beach, California. Two years later, the same client called agent Robledo again. The site is branded with the agents’ team name and logos.

How 2020 exposed a greater need for collaboration between real estate agents and LOs

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HousingWire recently spoke with Propertybase CEO Vance Loiselle about real estate tech and how the past year has accelerated the need for digital collaboration tools across the entire customer journey.

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Best places to be a real estate agent revealed

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With real estate inventory down by more than half compared to last year, the personal finance website WalletHub recently released its report on 2021’s Best Places to Be a Real Estate Agent. Read on to find out which areas made the list

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Tips for Finding a Good Real Estate Agent

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REX vs. Traditional Real Estate Agents

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12 Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent


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How Much Does a Real Estate Agent Make? (How Agents Get Paid)

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Buyers and sellers often enter the market with misconceptions about real estate agents - how they work, how the process works and what the agency relationship is all about. Here are five myths (and five truths) about working with both buyer's and seller's agents.

More real estate agents charged with storming the Capitol

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Two more Texas-based real estate agents have been arrested for their alleged roles in the Jan. The three real estate agents also posted photos of themselves on the same flight and from when they landed at Manassas Regional Airport in Virginia.

REX Launches Real Estate Agent Referral Program

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