The anatomy of doom & gloom real estate articles

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This week I’ve had quite a few articles emailed to me. The market is going to crash. This time it’s going to be even worse. Have you been seeing more doom and gloom housing headlines? I sure have. What do you think of this one? What do stats actually show?

[Press & News] Forbes Article Highlights Success of GoFormz Product-Led Growth Model


GoFormz Product-Led Growth model highlighted in Forbes GoFormz was recently featured in a Forbes article, Four Keys To Product-Led Growth And Business Freemium Success , highlighting the success of our Product-Led Growth model. Read the article.


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A Great Article about the Home Appraisal Process!

Advanced Appraisal


Telegram and Gazette Features Kathy McSweeney in Article About the June Housing Market

Lamacchia Realty

To read the full article, click here or on the picture. The post Telegram and Gazette Features Kathy McSweeney in Article About the June Housing Market first appeared on Lamacchia Realty.

Making the dream of homeownership a reality for underserved communities

Housing Wire

Paid Advertisement article 10 Citi Citi Article 10The journey to homeownership can be rewarding, but also challenging. For some aspiring homeowners in underserved communities, the process may be even harder to navigate.

What renovations will add value to my home?

Housing Wire

Paid Advertisement Citi article 9 Special Report Special ReportsWe all love the feeling of a refreshed, renovated home, and being able to enjoy it instills a sense of pride in its owner.

Taking the leap: The benefits of buying vs. renting a home

Housing Wire

Citi Mortgage Paid Advertisement Citi article 6 Special ReportHomeownership has long been considered a piece of the “American Dream.”

HOA 340

Is The Housing Market About to Collapse? What Investors Need to Know


On the Market Articles Real Estate Market* marketIt seems like every media outlet, and perhaps every person on Earth, is debating if the housing market is going to crash soon. While the truth is that no one […].

CPI Report Gives Alarming Inflation News: Is a Recession Next?


On the Market Articles Real Estate News & Commentary inflationLast week, the Bureau of Labor released data showing the Consumer Price Index (CPI)—the most commonly used measure of inflation—rose 8.6% higher in May 2022 compared to May 2021. This is up […].

Sunnyvale real estate market trends & statistics

San Jose Real Estate

Market Reports Most Popular Articles Sunnyvale 94085 94086 94087 94089 Housing market Real estate realty statistics Sunnyvale real estate market trendsSunnyvale real estate market trends & statistics. How's The Market?

Should You Buy Before Rates Rise or Wait for a Market Crash?


On the Market Articles market forecastingAfter years of record-breaking appreciation, property values are facing their first real test since 2019, as mortgage rates rapidly rise and put downward pressure on housing prices. As such, many […].

Inventory Shortage Could Continue As Interest Rates Rise and Homeowners Feel “Locked-In”


On the Market Articles Real Estate Market* inventory lock-in effectAs the Federal Reserve aggressively raises interest rates and bond yields climb, we are leaving behind the era of ultra-low mortgage rates that prevailed from 2020 through the end of […].

Tracking the Fed: Why Did It Take So Long to Act?


On the Market Articles Real Estate News & Commentary fedA perfect storm has been brewing in the U.S. economy. Supply constraints coupled with increased demand built up during the pandemic have led to rapid inflation. The Fed is now […].

Coronavirus impact on real estate sales

San Jose Real Estate

Selling Tips Most Popular Articles coronavirus real estate salesThis post on the coronavirus impact on real estate sales here in Silicon Valley is updated periodically, depending on unfolding events, so please check back often.

Seller rent back after close of escrow: what do you need to know?

San Jose Real Estate

Buying Tips Contracts & Forms Most Popular Articles Selling Tips lease rent back seller in possession after close of escrow silicon valley

Smart Investing Strategies for the 2022 Housing Market


On the Market ArticlesWhen I started my real estate investing journey in 2002, I didn’t have any training or a real estate license; like lots of folks starting out, I learned a lot […].

Mountain View CA real estate market trends and statistics

San Jose Real Estate

Market Reports Most Popular Articles Mountain View commute Google real estate market silicon valleyHow's the Mountain View real estate market? This is one of the very hottest areas within Silicon Valley and is home to a myriad of high tech companies and in a stone's throw of others.

Updating the Campbell Real Estate Market

San Jose Real Estate

Further down in this article, we'll utilize the graphs from Altos Research, which uses list prices, and check out the trends in pricing by quartile in this zip code (meaning 4 groups based on the pricing tier from least to most expensive). How is the Campbell real estate market?

Cupertino Real Estate Market Trends and Statistics

San Jose Real Estate

In this article I'll make use of my charts from Altos Research, which uses listing data (not solds) and is automatically updated every week and also monthly reports from my RE Report subscription.

7 Steps to Hit an Impossible Target in 2022


Pro ArticlesYou are not aiming high enough. I hate to break it to you, but you are simply not aiming high enough. You, just like everyone else, are conditioned to play […].


Willow Glen real estate market in San Jose

San Jose Real Estate

Market Reports Most Popular Articles Willow Glen (SJ) 95125 condo condos san jose silicon valley statistics townhome townhouse trends Willow Glen real estate market

What You Should Know About Nominal and Effective Interest Rates

Property Metrics

In this article we will take a deep dive into the differences between nominal and effective rates. Let’s revisit the example interest rate quotes from the beginning of this article and make sense of them using the information from the table above: Only The Time Period Stated. Articles

How the Development Spread Works

Property Metrics

In this article we’ll take a closer look at the development spread and walk through an example of how it is used in practice. In this article we discussed the development spread in real estate. Articles

The San Jose Real Estate Market Analysis

San Jose Real Estate

This article is updated monthly with the latest market data. Market Info Market Reports Most Popular Articles Naglee Park Neighborhoods in Almaden Neighborhoods in Cambrian Neighborhoods in Willow Glen Rose Garden area San Jose (all areas) West San Jose Willow Glen (SJ) How's the Market?

Yield on Cost: A Beginner’s Guide

Property Metrics

In this article we’ll take a closer look at the yield on cost in real estate. In this article we discussed the yield on cost in real estate. ArticlesThe yield on cost is a commonly used metric when evaluating real estate development and value-add projects.

Understanding the Personal Financial Statement

Property Metrics

ArticlesMore often than not, some portion of every commercial real estate transaction is financed with debt. Typically, that debt comes from a bank or non-bank lender who agrees to lend a certain amount of money in return for certain concessions from a borrower.

The Cambrian Park Real Estate Market Update

San Jose Real Estate

My Cambrian area of San Jose Real Estate Report was recently published with the updated numbers from the closed sales last month for this part of San Jose (95124 and 95118 with a little of 95008 too). Please click on the link above to see much more information there.

How The Double Net Lease Works

Property Metrics

In this article we’ll take a closer look at the double net commercial real estate lease. In this article we defined the double net lease, looked at some examples of nuances you might see in a double net lease, and discussed how it compares to other common lease types. Articles

Year Over Year (YOY) Analysis: A Simple Guide

Property Metrics

In this article we discussed Year over Year (YoY) analysis. ArticlesWhat is Year Over Year (YOY)? YoY stands for Year over Year and is a type of financial analysis used to compare results from a period of time in one year to the same period of time in the prior year.

Modern Portfolio Theory: What It Is & How It Works

Property Metrics

In this article we’ll take a closer look at what modern portfolio theory is, review an example calculation, and discuss the assumptions behind the theory. ArticlesModern portfolio theory is widely used in the world of finance.

Milpitas real estate market

San Jose Real Estate

Market Reports Milpitas Most Popular Articles Milpitas real estate marketThe Milpitas real estate market has been one hot seller’s market in Santa Clara County! Altos Research has called it a strong seller’s market for many months now, and it just keeps getting hotter!

How to Calculate an Interest Reserve for a Construction Loan

Property Metrics

Because it can be cumbersome to perform this calculation, we’ve created an Interest Reserve Calculator as part of this article and it’ll perform the calculation for you. ArticlesThere’s no doubt about it, construction lending is tough.

Understanding the Construction Draw Schedule

Property Metrics

ArticlesIn some ways, a commercial real estate construction project is just like any other project. There is a start date, several interim milestones, and an end date when the property is complete and a certificate of occupancy has been issued.

Gross Income Multiplier: A Calculation Guide

Property Metrics

In this article we defined the gross income multiplier (GIM), reviewed the gross income multiplier formula, discussed how to calculate it, what a good gross income multiplier is, and then compared the GIM to the gross rent multiplier and the cap rate. Articles

What is a 1031 Exchange? A Beginner’s Guide

Property Metrics

In this article you’ll learn what a 1031 exchange is, how a 1031 exchange works, what the 1031 exchange rules are, the 1031 exchange timeline, and then we’ll cover some frequently asked questions. Articles

How to Use SUMIF In Commercial Real Estate Analysis

Property Metrics

” In this article, the SUMIF function is defined, the syntax for using it is described, and its use is demonstrated in a commercial real estate scenario. Articles

Three Types of Commercial Real Estate Obsolescence

Property Metrics

ArticlesOne of the unique challenges of commercial real estate investment is that markets, types of property , return expectations, and physical environments are in a constant state of change. As a result of these changes, a commercial property could be cash flow positive one day and undesirable the next due to shifts in tenant desires or some other factor. .

Understanding the Texas Ratio

Property Metrics

In this article we discussed the Texas Ratio. ArticlesThe retail banking system operates on a fundamental promise between the bank and the customer. The customer opens an account and deposits money in it with the expectation that the bank will continue to stay in business and that the funds will be available for withdrawal when needed. But, history tells us that this isn’t always the case.

Eleven Types of Risk in Commercial Real Estate

Property Metrics

In this article, we’ll look at eleven types of risk in commercial real estate investment. . In this article we discussed eleven types of risk in commercial property. ArticlesEvery investment involves a certain amount of risk. There are certain general sources of risk that influence all assets – things like geopolitical risk and global macroeconomic risk. What makes each asset unique is the level of sensitivity that its rate of return has to those risks.

Understanding the Co-Tenancy Clause

Property Metrics

ArticlesA typical retail shopping center or mall works under a tried and true business plan. The owner and/or developer of the property works first to attract one or more “anchor” tenants and then surrounds them with a variety of smaller tenants who benefit from the traffic they create. Together, the anchor and their supporting tenants form a mutually beneficial “ecosystem” that works to deliver a pleasurable experience for all shoppers.