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Who Manages Georgia Lakes?

Hank Miller Team

Georgia Power has similar deep interests; homes on their lakes have land leases granted to the owners. The company retains ownership of the land and leases it back to the owner of the structure. Strict to the point of owners doing nothing, even landscape clean up, without permission.

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How to Handle the Weird Stuff: Appraisal Methods from an Experienced Florida Appraiser


Example: Land lease. In a large development of approximately 300 houses, four of them were on a 99-year land lease with 55 years remaining. Reason was it was the last portion of the block of land, and the owner wouldn’t sell, but did agree to the land lease. Market conditions.

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Housing coalition publishes recommendations for GSEs’ ‘Duty to Serve’ plans

Housing Wire

It also recommends that the GSEs launch a “Home-Only loan pilot, [and to] consider adding any additional consumer protections, include a standardized land lease, and homebuyer education and counseling,” the document explains. Additionally, the GSEs should develop “better loan products” to serve the single-family market.