Sun.May 08, 2022

The value consultants can bring to mortgage industry education

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Mortgage professionals on the brokering and lending sides can benefit, says industry figure

What Are Property Lines and How to Find Them


The boundaries, a.k.a property lines that define the space of your property, are among the most crucial things any future homeowner should know. Table of Contents What Are Property Lines… Investor Blogs Legal Matters & Taxes Investor Tools mashvisor tools Real Estate Tips Technology

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Four hottest markets for real estate investing in Canada for 2022

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Cities in the Canadian Prairies are making a resurgence

Food Spending Eating Away at Your FI Plans? Here’s How to Eat for Cheap


Budget meals, cheap eats, and deliciously discounted recipes are all in this episode of the BiggerPockets Money Podcast. As many of you financial freedom chasers know, one of the biggest […]. All BiggerPockets Money Podcast


Calgary housing market: What’s behind ‘exceptionally strong’ sales?

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As other regions' sales plummeted year over year, Alberta's largest city posted robust annual growth

7 Ways to Improve ROI Real Estate Rental Property


One of the most important factors to consider before investing in rental properties is ROI real estate. How can you improve it as an investor?

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Airbnb Market 2022 Trends, Data, and Analysis


As the tourism industry bounces back, let’s analyze the Airbnb market trends to see if 2022 is the best time to invest in vacation rentals. Table of contents How the… Airbnb Rentals Investor Blogs Airbnb Location Market Analysis Real Estate Data short term Vacation Rental

Fostering a sense of community

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Sherry Dondo of HomeEquity Bank talks about creating an inclusive and adaptable workplace culture


The Not-So-Scary Way to Start Buying Real Estate in 2022


Maybe you wanted to know how to invest in real estate back in early 2020. You took some time to educate yourself by listening to podcasts and reading books. Then […]. On the Market Podcast

Mental health concerns causing many to quit working

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Almost 90% use benefits for support