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Buyers & sellers feeling stuck in the housing market

Sacramento Appraisal Blog

I love the original Back to the Future movie. Do you too? Well, I can’t help but think of today’s housing market compared to the film. Sellers have tended to be stuck in the past expecting the market to be hotter than it actually is right now.

The risk of zero-down loans while the Fed talks recession

Housing Wire

Bank of America recently announced a loan for lower-income households that doesn’t require homebuyers to come up with a downpayment or closing costs, and doesn’t base the loan on a minimum FICO score. People’s first reaction was to wonder if this was 2008 all over again.


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The Role of Appraisal Review in the Risk System – Appraisal Revisions

Appraisal Buzz

This is part three of a three part series on appraisal review – Read parts one and two. When interacting with executive managers, I am often posed with the following question “How do you know when you are looking at a “good” appraisal?” The reality is there is no universal acceptance of a single method of measurement to differentiate “good” from “bad.”

How to Ease the Transition to Senior Living

Cleveland Appraisal Blog

Hello everyone! This week I welcome guest blogger Andrea Gibbs. In this article, she offers some tips on how to transition a loved one to senior living. I hope you find her tips to be helpful! Turning retirement from a dream into reality is not an easy feat for seniors.

Is Critical Thinking Really Necessary?

George Dell

Neither Critical, nor Thinking as words together are found in USPAP. Nor are they found in my copy of The Appraisal of Real Estate! Must be important. What is it? Do we need it? Is it worth the effort? I realized that although I have been promoting critical thinking in my classes […].

Freedom Mortgage conducts layoffs, sends jobs overseas: sources

Housing Wire

Top 10 lender and servicer Freedom Mortgage has trimmed its workforce across multiple rounds of layoffs this year and continues to “offshore” some jobs, former employees tell HousingWire.

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Charge Your Batteries!

The Appraiser Coach

A couple years ago, I went out and bought a new camping trailer. This trailer, like many other recreational 5th wheels, has a battery that powers it. But this battery. Read More.

Share of Smaller Lots Record High Amid Pandemic

Eyes on Housing

Despite the pandemic-triggered suburban flight and presumed shifts in preferences towards more spacious living, a rising share of new for-sale homes were built on smaller lots.

Americans are deeply pessimistic about the housing market

Housing Wire

Home prices have started to drop, but the decline has not been significant enough to slow a growing pessimism about the housing market. Fannie Mae’ s Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI), which tracks the housing market and consumer confidence to sell or buy a home, dropped by 0.8

Women in Housing: Role Models Set the Example

Appraisal Buzz

Those at the forefront demonstrating exemplary leadership will be recognized for their accomplishments at the upcoming Five Star Conference and Expo in Dallas with the Authentic Leader Award. The post Women in Housing: Role Models Set the Example appeared first on

Join Us at IMTS 2022


The GoFormz team will be exhibiting at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago! We are thrilled to be attending the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago , September 12-17, 2022. Will we see you there?

Shift for Homes Built in Low-Density and Low-Cost Markets Since the Pandemic

Eyes on Housing

The most recent Home Building Geography Index (HBGI) shows that home building activities have shifted to low-density and low-cost markets since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The market share for single-family constructions in large metro core and inner suburbs has declined from 44.5% to 41.6%

Rocket preemptively raises 2023 conforming loan limits for brokers

Housing Wire

The wholesale arm of Rocket Mortgage on Tuesday raised anticipated agency conforming loan limits to $715,000, a sign that the nation’s largest mortgage lender is confident the maximum loan limit set by the federal government will rise by at least 10% in 2023.

Home Equity Finds New Highs

Appraisal Buzz

Home equity hit a new high in the second quarter according to CoreLogic, as homeowners with mortgages gained a collective $3.6 billion year-over-year over the course of a single quarter.

[Video] Key Takeaways for Improving Job Site Safety Management


Catch the replay of the GoFormz & Procore webinar: Improving Job Site Safety Management Safety touches every aspect of the construction industry. Regardless of an operation’s size, expertise, location, or budget, safety must remain every team's top priority, from the job site to the back office.

Modular and Other Non-Site Built Housing In 2021

Eyes on Housing

The total market share of non-site built single-family homes (modular and panelized) was at 2% of single-family completions in 2021, according to Census Bureau Survey of Construction data and NAHB analysis.

NewRez debuts 40-year non-QM mortgage product

Housing Wire

Top mortgage lender NewRez has added to its line of “Smart Series” non-QM products, launching a 40-year fixed-rate interest-only mortgage loan.

The Average Homeowner Gained $60k in Equity YoY

Appraisal Buzz

Home equity hit a new high in the second quarter according to CoreLogic, as homeowners with mortgages gained a collective $3.6 billion year-over-year over the course of a single quarter.

How to Enhance Commercial Property Value Prior to Appraisal


Appraisal of a commercial property refers to the assessment of the property’s fair market value. For property owners, getting a professional appraisal is absolutely necessary before mortgaging or selling their property.

Median Price of a New Age-Restricted Home Up to $472,000

Eyes on Housing

Of the roughly 1,127,000 single-family and 474,000 multifamily homes started in 2020, 37,000 (15,000 single-family and 22,000 multifamily) were built in age-restricted communities, according to NAHB tabulation of data from the Survey of Construction (SOC, conducted by the U.S.

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Who will survive the fintech winter of 2022?

Housing Wire

As a financial technologist specializing in mortgage since long before “fintech” was a thing, I appreciate how tough market cycles force us to focus. For some individuals and companies, this is your first mortgage down cycle. For others, it’s just a new chapter in your journey.

Compliance, Consulting, and Training

Appraisal Buzz

Today’s Buzzcast interview is with Greg Stephens, Owner of GE Stephens Compliance, Consulting, and Training. We sat down with Greg and Joan Trice, Founder of Allterra Group, LLC, to discuss compliance, consulting, and training in the appraisal industry.

Why Hire an Eminent Domain Attorney?

Appraisers Blog

Taking private property for public use is one of the most powerful government actions under the constitution. The exercise of this power is commonly known as condemnation. The power itself is referred to as the eminent domain power.

Law 79

AD&C Loan Balances Rise as Sales Slow

Eyes on Housing

Residential construction loan volume reached a post-Great Recession high during the second quarter of 2022, as home building activity and new home sales slowed. Outstanding builder loan balances are rising as development debt is being held longer as new homes remain in inventory longer.

Banking trade group “strongly” opposes nonbank membership in FHLB system

Housing Wire

An influential banking trade group this week argued that the Federal Housing Finance Administration (FHFA) should not permit nonbank lenders and real estate investment trusts to become members of the $1 trillion Federal Home Loan Bank system.

How Good Ideas Become Sunk Costs

Appraisal Buzz

As mortgage businesses rush to automate, some eventually find that their shiny new technology is not delivering the expected returns … if it even goes live. Jim Paolino of LodeStar Software Solutions explains why. The post How Good Ideas Become Sunk Costs appeared first on

How to Best Search for Land to Buy in Ohio [2022]

The Robert Weiler Company

Land investors choose land to buy in Ohio for many reasons. Unlike other investments of value, buying land is often a safe investment. Land is a limited resource, has permanence, and appreciates in value. In fact, land won’t depreciate, even raw and undeveloped land.

U.S. Housing Market Collapse? Nowhere in Sight

Empire Appraisal Group

Housing Market Collapse? Nowhere in Sight. Source: U.S. Housing Market Collapse? Nowhere in Sight | Florida Realtors. The housing market has taken a few hits, such as a doubling of mortgage rates in 2022, but it remains solid even if legitimate news providers suggest doom and gloom.

Opinion: How marketing automation saved an LO’s business

Housing Wire

People who invest in technology often ask the question: is this a “nice to have,” or a “need to have?” Few have the resources to invest in technologies they don’t need. Often, this analysis comes down to the worst case scenario.

Destination: Danger Zone

Appraisal Buzz

A new report from Redfin has found that more Americans are building homes in disaster-prone areas, as suburbanization and a shift to the Sun Belt have driven builders into more vulnerable areas. The post Destination: Danger Zone appeared first on DSNews.

Ohio Land for Sale: Is the Market Still Ripe for Growth in 2022?

The Robert Weiler Company

Is buying land a good investment in Ohio? Data through the first half of 2022 has been tallied on Ohio land for sale. All indicators show an extremely positive trend that will likely continue through the rest of 2022 and beyond. Reports have revealed a strong land market.

Digital Solutions to Streamline Field Service Teams


Support your field service team with technology Field service teams don’t get enough credit for all they do. These are teams of widely varying experts, across multiple industries, coordinating with colleagues, in-office personnel, local and federal regulations, as well as customers.

Expect more price corrections to the housing market 

Housing Wire

Price corrections are coming to housing markets across the United States, Black Knight said following July’s home price decline from June. Relatedly, tappable home equity is expected to pull back in the third quarter as equity-rich markets already saw declines in July. .

Report: Housing Market Cooldown to Last Through Fall

Appraisal Buzz

HouseCanary, Inc.