May, 2022

An open letter to sellers about today’s housing market

Sacramento Appraisal Blog

Dear Sellers, How are things? I hope all is well. It’s been such a crazy market, but things are starting to change. So, let’s chat. This is coming from a good place, and it’s based on observations and what I’m hearing from real estate professionals.

Will the Infrastructure Bill Affect the Real Estate Market?

Appraisal Buzz

The housing market has experienced a turbulent few years, so what can industry experts expect in the future? You can pay attention to many indicators, but the recent infrastructure bill will reveal the most crucial information. These are a few ways it will affect real estate in the coming months.


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Copacabana? No Silly, It’s Cubicasa!

Cleveland Appraisal Blog

Have you been to the Copacabana? Perhaps you’ve been to the Copacabana nightclub in New York City, made popular by Barry Manilow’s song Copacabana in 1978. Of course, the original Copacabana is a vacation destination in Rio De Janeiro, South America.

Living Room vs Family Room

The Appraiser Coach

Have you ever walked into a house and thought, what room did I just walk into? Identifying and analyzing rooms will make a big difference for your customers and for. Read More.

This savagely unhealthy housing market needs higher rates

Housing Wire

The National Association of Realtors reported Thursday that existing home sales for April came in at 5.61 million , with double-digit home-price growth driving a housing market that is still savagely unhealthy.

Bias: Personal or Analytic?

George Dell

Bias and prejudice are always relevant topics. Recently these have received more attention. In asking the questions we present in the Analogue Blog, we find that three concepts/actions produce the greatest response, to create divisiveness and deepening anger in an argument.


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A Log Home Valuation

Appraisal Buzz

It is no secret that log homes do not appraise well. In the past, almost every major log home magazine has posted an article on the topic. The question is raised as to what is the real problem with log home valuation and what is the problem with appraisers working in the niche log home market?

Does Your Property Need to Be Jacked Up?

Cleveland Appraisal Blog

Does your home need to be jacked up? Perhaps a better way of asking is, does your house need a lift? Occasionally, when performing appraisal inspections/observations, I see homes that suffer from serious settlement issues. Sometimes, it’s the foundation.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!

The Appraiser Coach

I was in a group meeting recently where we were talking with small business owners and trying to help them with some of the problems they were facing. Read More.

Almost 45% of homeowners are now equity rich

Housing Wire

Soaring home prices continue to serve existing homeowners, with nearly 45% of all property owners now considered equity rich, a year-over-year jump that boosted 13% more homeowners into the prime position.

Part IV: Do We Need a Neighborhood Section?

George Dell

The neighborhood section of appraisal reports is pretty much protocol. We have asked how a report on the neighborhood may or may not contribute to valuation value or reliability (risk) estimates.

Saying goodbye to the hottest housing market ever

Sacramento Appraisal Blog

The housing market sizzle has faded and we’ve entered a different season. We’ve basically said goodbye to the most aggressive housing market ever, and we’re in a new market now.

Trainees Become Appraisers at Accurity Consolidated

Appraisal Buzz

HOUSTON, TX (May 25, 2022) – Before opening its doors in January of 2020, Accurity Consolidated laid out very specific goals to create a large wave of revival in the appraisal industry.

Essential Home Moving Tips for Seniors

Cleveland Appraisal Blog

Howdy friends! I hope that you’re doing well! I have a special post from a first-time guest blogger, Betty White. If you’re a senior and considering moving, this article offers some tips that may make things a little easier. I hope that you enjoy her article!

Less Isn’t Always More

The Appraiser Coach

I’ve been asked how much should be filled out on site during a mobile appraisal. I know there’s a lot of ways out there to do this; there are almost. Read More.

Lenders see appraisal modernization as a top priority

Housing Wire

A Fannie Mae survey published in mid-May found that mortgage lenders see value in appraisal modernization, specifically in the implementation of non-traditional appraisals and inspection-based appraisal waivers.

Part III: Do We Need a Neighborhood Section?

George Dell

Market area, District, Neighborhood – what do our directives say? Let’s take a look at standards, education, regulations, and the GSE (Government Sponsored Enterprises). First, let’s set a goal: What is the ideal comparable data to analyze? How big, how similar, and how competitive should it be?

Dude, stop obsessing over home prices

Sacramento Appraisal Blog

What are prices doing? That’s always the question, and I get it. But there are bigger fish to fry to understand what the housing market is doing. A shift: Over the past few weeks there has been a shift in demand, which is why this conversation is so important.

Things I Learned Wrestling a Bear: Insights from a Seasoned Appraiser

Appraisal Buzz

I learned a number of things from the experience of wrestling a 450-pound bear, some of which have not only aided me in life in general, but more specifically in my appraisal practice.

Gains for Custom Home Building

Eyes on Housing

NAHB’s analysis of Census Data from the Quarterly Starts and Completions by Purpose and Design survey indicates custom home building posted a year-over-years gain for the first quarter of 2022. There were 46,000 total custom building starts during the first quarter of the year.

Design 163

When Your Server is Halfway Around the Globe…

The Appraiser Coach

I have a server. It’s not the racks, the room, and the computers buzzing that you may think of when you hear about a server. It’s just a large desktop. Read More.

Purchase mortgage rates drop to 5.25% as demand wanes

Housing Wire

Purchase mortgage rates this week averaged 5.25%, down five basis points from a week ago , as some individuals put the American homeownership dream on standby due to higher rates and surging home prices, according to the latest Freddie Mac PMMS.

Can EBV Support Diversity and Fairness?

George Dell

Diversity can be a goal in itself when diversity means breaking down barriers of groupthink and apathy. An expansive concept. Fairness, on the other hand is elusive, demanding definition. Fairness depends on the very point of view it attempts to define. Fair” is in the eye of the beholder.

Fastest market ever & price deceleration

Sacramento Appraisal Blog

The housing market has been changing these past couple of months. As I’ve been saying, it isn’t cold, but the temperature is surely different. Anyway, let’s talk about two things to watch in months ahead – price deceleration and days on market. Any thoughts?

Valuation Modernization and Appraisers

Appraisal Buzz

[link]. Today’s Buzzcast interview is with Cristy Conolly, EVP of Valuation Modernization at Class Valuation. We sat down with Cristy and Joan Trice, Founder of Allterra Group, LLC, to discuss what’s currently happening in the appraisal industry and what we can expect in the future.

Townhouse Construction Growing

Eyes on Housing

According to NAHB analysis of the most recent Census data of Starts and Completions by Purpose and Design, during the first quarter of 2022 single-family attached starts totaled 36,000, which is 16% higher than the first quarter of 2021.

The Workings of a Millionaire Mind

The Appraiser Coach

Principles of business cross boundaries of profession frequently, and the one shared today is inspired by Dr. Thomas Stanley, author of The Millionaire Next Door and The Millionaire Mind. Read More.

Purchase apps are at 2009 level: where’s the inventory?

Housing Wire

It’s an excellent time to discuss housing inventory. The housing market shifted in March of this year. As the 10-year yield broke above 1.94% and mortgage rates rose, we saw the impact on housing data.

May Newsletter- Change on the Horizon?

DW Slater Company

Sunset in Sivells Bend, TX. As we have been reporting the last year, the North Texas markets have experienced extraordinary appreciation in housing with very little signs of slowing. The median sale prices have had double digit increases within the past year.

Selling Commercial Real Estate? 24 Practical Techniques to BOOST YOUR ROI on 5 Different Property Types

The Robert Weiler Company

When selling commercial real estate, the favorite phrase, “A little bit goes a long way,” holds much truth. Before listing and showing your property, there is a wide range of tasks that can, and should, be undertaken to increase the chances of a sale and boost the potential ROI.

The Mirage, Volcanoes, and the Strip!

Appraisal Buzz

In today’s Buzzcast, the Allterra Group gives you all of the details for the upcoming conference -Valuation Expo! Valuation Expo will be hosted at the Mirage Hotel, September 7-9! Save 50% ($450) on your General Session Pass when you become an Appraisal Buzz Premium Plus Member by May 18th!

Builder Confidence Plunges on Rising Interest Rates, Growing Affordability Woes

Eyes on Housing

In a sign that the housing market is now slowing, builder confidence took a steep drop in May as growing affordability challenges in the form of rapidly rising interest rates, double-digit price increases for material costs and ongoing home price appreciation are taking a toll on buyer demand.

Buyers 162

Home affordability nearing an all-time low

Valuation Review

Recent data from Black Knight’s Data and Analytics division’s Mortgage Monitor Report showed home prices and interest rates are reaching all-time highs. These numbers are causing sharp declines in home affordability

The housing industry will soon be up in ARMs

Housing Wire

If there’s a bet to be made on the future of the non-agency lending space, it’s that the adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) will become far more popular this year as purchase mortgages increasingly dominate a housing market pivoting to an up-rate environment.