December, 2021

Logan Mohtashami: The 2022 housing forecast

Housing Wire

Most of the time, the economy is like a slow-moving ocean liner that changes direction gradually and without much effort. But when a new, powerful variable presents itself, like the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the economy can change on a dime.

How Tech is Working on the Solution to the Appraiser Shortage 

Appraisal Buzz

The shortage of appraisers within the industry has been well publicized recently and no doubt plenty of you reading this article have experienced the impact of this shortage first hand.


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Rental Schedules Without an Appraisal?

The Appraiser Coach

Can you do a rental schedule on a property that you have not appraised? This was a question recently asked in my closed Facebook All-Stars group. Within this private group, Read More.

Listing Inventory Trends In The Time Of COVID

Miller Samuel

The Winter 2022 issue of Elliman Magazine was published this week and it is quite a beautiful publication. I created a chart for the publication which compares month listing inventory trends across a number of the markets we cover for Douglas Elliman.

Buckle up for next year’s housing market

Sacramento Appraisal Blog

It’s real estate prediction season and I have a few thoughts about the beginning of next year. I’m cautious about predicting because my crystal ball is broken, but it’s a no-brainer to say we’re poised to start next year with heavy competition.

What’s The Size of Your Driveway?

Cleveland Appraisal Blog

One appraiser reports a driveway to be two cars in size. Another says the same driveway is six cars in size and another says the driveway is an eight-car driveway. They may all be correct! How so? It really depends on how the appraiser is looking at it.

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The Fannie Mae Requirement Impacting All Appraisers in 2022

Appraisal Buzz

In today’s Buzzcast, we dive into the new ANSI standards announced for appraisers. Today we have Joan Trice, Founder of Allterra Group, LLC., and Bryan Reynolds, Appraiser eLearning Partner. We’ll be getting the inside scoop while they discuss the new updates and their impacts on appraisers.

Ethics, Standards, and Spiritual Principles

George Dell

Appraiser learning is replete with admonitions to good ethics. These are “enforced” by standards, believability conditions, and even ethical ‘rules.’ Many of us base our lives on spiritual principles (which may or may not be attached to any particular religion).

To Clone or Not to Clone?

The Appraiser Coach

Cloning or templates? What is the best for you? How do you start your appraisal reports? Various other software programs have different ways but, in general, we’re going to talk. Read More.

The trend isn’t the same in every neighborhood

Sacramento Appraisal Blog

This year is almost over and I’ll be shutting things down until January. Okay, I actually have a ton of work to finish, but this will be my final post of the year. With that said, I have a few things on my mind. January public speaking gigs: January 12: Top Producer Panel in Granite […].

Interested in Selling Your Home Quickly? Try These Home Projects!

Cleveland Appraisal Blog

I can’t believe that we are at the end of 2021. What an incredible housing market we have been in. And it doesn’t appear to be over! Homes are still selling in record time.

Will the housing market continue its hot streak in 2022?

Housing Wire

As we approach the end of another hot year for the market, homebuyers and sellers are eagerly looking ahead to the 2022 housing market. Will the market continue its streak of strong growth, or are we finally about to see a slow down?

Settling on a New Normal for Appraisals in 2022

Appraisal Buzz

The housing market was hotter than ever last year, with pandemic-driven demand boosting home sales to their highest level in 14 years. Total year-end sales volume ended at 5.64 million units , and some experts say it could reach 8 million if there were more inventory. Therein lies the problem.

Is Appraisal Obsolete? Part 4: Education

George Dell

If education regurgitates only prior ‘established, time-tested’ methods, nothing happens. This is the fourth in our series on how progress in appraisal is stymied by the five frictions: process, standards, education, client expectation, and regulation.

Breaking Barriers to Success

The Appraiser Coach

Are you getting in your own way? Are you limiting your own success because you don’t believe that it is possible to reach your goal? There is a way you. Read More.

Foreclosures for Christmas & housing on steroids

Sacramento Appraisal Blog

Are you getting into the holiday spirit? I’m not there yet, but I’m hoping to find my way there. I mean, I did see the Foo Fighters play this week and that was incredible. But it didn’t really catapult me into holiday cheer either. Anyway, I’m open to ideas if you have some.

Reviving and Refreshing Your Cleveland Home, even with the Pandemic

Cleveland Appraisal Blog

It’s been a very busy time for everyone! I hope that you’re staying safe and doing well! This week, I welcome back guest blogger Seth Murphy. I always enjoy his articles. I hope you enjoy this one and find a tip or two that will benefit you.

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Freddie Mac misses low-income refinance goal

Housing Wire

Fannie Mae met all of the housing goals the Federal Housing Finance Agency imposed for 2020, but Freddie Mac failed its low-income refinance goal. The government-sponsored enterprise lagged the wider market in its acquisitions of low-income refinances.

The Coronavirus Home Valuation Test

Appraisal Buzz

Federal regulators require banks to prepare documentation that fully explores their response to potential market forces that could put stress on their institutions or the broader economic system.

Is Appraisal Obsolete? Part 3 — Standards

George Dell

Obsolete — Standards?! This is third in a series, as we look at this question from the viewpoints five forces of friction: process, standards, education, client expectation, and regulation. This issue is about valuation standards. We will end with part 7: the mystery solution.

October Single-Family Permit Gains

Eyes on Housing

Over the first ten months of 2021, the total number of single-family permits issued year-to-date (YTD) nationwide reached 948,321. On a year-over-year (YoY) basis, this is a 17.3% increase over the October 2020 level of 808,301.

December Newsletter- Merry Christmas!

DW Slater Company

It is hard to believe that we are wrapping up 2021. Christmas is just a few days away and we will soon welcome the new year. We want to wish you all the best this holiday season! Make sure to check out our family recipe at the end of this newsletter, our gift to you!

15 Things To Know BEFORE Moving to Raleigh NC {2022 Guide}

Raleigh Realty

FHFA proposes capital planning rule for GSEs

Housing Wire

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) on Thursday issued a proposed rule that would require Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to develop, maintain, and submit annual capital plans to the regulator.

Fannie Mae to Adopt ANSI Measurement Standard in 2022

Appraisal Buzz

On December 15, 2021, Fannie Mae issued Announcement SEL-2021-11 which heralded a number of changes that were made to its Selling Guide.

Is Appraisal Obsolete (The Process)?

George Dell

Process: Current appraisal practices are controlled by the quirks of each ‘valuation’ industry: appraisal by obsolete assumptions of data difficulty, AVM ‘automated’ models by industrial secrecy, and other non-appraiser products which are under-regulated or over-regulated — depending on original intent.

One in Four New Homes are Infills or Teardowns in Older Neighborhoods

Eyes on Housing

According to the latest Annual Builder Practices Survey (ABPS), one in four new single-family detached homes were built in established neighborhoods in 2020.

HUD Dismisses Claims Alleging Racism


…white America (government) keeps trying to ‘fix’ Black People who are not broken in the first place! We’ve all heard of redlining. No one doubts it existed and MAY still exist, among private lenders. It’s hard to accept major national banking corps would risk it but it IS possible.

Agencies increase appraisal threshold on high-priced mortgages

Valuation Review

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Federal Reserve Board, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency announced the 2022 threshold for exempting loans from special appraisal requirements for higher-priced mortgage loans will increase from $27,200 to $28,500. The threshold amount will be effective Jan. 1, 2022

Mortgage rates move slowly despite tightening market

Housing Wire

Mortgage rates decreased one basis point to 3.10% in the week ending Dec. 9, remaining low and stable despite tighter housing supply and affordability, according to the latest Freddie Mac PMMS mortgage report.

Tavant, LogRocket Enhance V?LOX Lending Platform’s Data and Analytics Capabilities

Appraisal Buzz

Tavant , a digital lending technology provider, is partnering with LogRocket , a data and analytics company, to enhance consumer lending experiences for American homebuyers. Tavant’s AI-powered consumer lending platform – V?LOX LOX – provides differentiated, customer-centric lending experiences.

Is Appraisal Obsolete?

George Dell

Obsolete! Such a harsh word. Can it be? Is the problem convolution? Does it mean I will soon be obsolete? Not needed? Not loved? Terrible. What can be done? Yet all the little signs are pointing that way. Automated” valuation models have much of the market, and continue to gain.

Housing Starts Show Strength in November

Eyes on Housing

Single-family housing showed strength in November despite supply-chain limitations for materials and ongoing access issues for labor and lots. Overall housing starts increased 11.8% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.68 million units, according to a report from the U.S.

States Want Appraisers to Play Ball


“[The builder] filed a grievance against me… and threatened to file a grievance every time I or others appraised below purchase price.”