Sun.May 15, 2022

Why You’re (Probably) Wrong About Prenups


Asking for a prenup (prenuptial agreement) can be an exceedingly scary ask. To your partner, a prenup may seem like a way of telling them that you’re planning for a […]. All BiggerPockets Money Podcast


Where to Find the Best Beginner-Friendly Cap Rate Formula Calculator


The cap rate can tell if a property will be a good investment. Using the best cap rate formula calculator is crucial to every investor’s success.

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How to prevent ghosting by job candidates

Mortgagebroker News

Why recruiting and hiring teams need to be transparent and consistent with their communication


7 Reasons Apartment Buildings for Sale Make Great Investments in 2022


Ready to grow your portfolio? Find apartment buildings for sale. With high demand and low supply, apartments can be lucrative investments in 2022. Table of Contents What Is an Apartment?…

The Economic “Power Shift” Happening in 2022


Gas prices, unemployment rates, and home sales have been headlining topics for the past two years. Every other day we’re hearing about a record surge in a certain type of […]. On the Market Podcast

How to Make Your Own Comparative Market Analysis Template


A good comparative market analysis template is very helpful, especially when looking for investment properties. Learn how to create one here.