Sun.Jan 09, 2022

File the Georgia Homestead Tax Exemption

Hank Miller Team

It's easy to file the Georgia homestead exemption. In just a few minutes, Georgia homeowners can reduce their property tax bill. Georgia homeowners are eligible for this exemption on their primary residence if the home was purchased last year and occupied on January 1st.

Execute a Commercial Property for Lease in Columbus, Ohio: Key Points

The Robert Weiler Company

When executing commercial property for lease in Columbus, Ohio, landlords and tenants each have different perspectives and interests. Although no two leases are alike, typically, a core set of elements must be addressed.


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Mortgages in 2022 – Four trends to look out for

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CMP sat down with a prominent CEO to discuss what's in store for the industry

Maine Housing Market Forecast 2022


It is undeniable; the US housing market had a dynamic year in 2021.

RBC on the Bank of Canada's 2022 strategy

Mortgagebroker News

COVID-19 is expected to play a significant role


Minnesota Housing Market Forecast 2022: The Investor’s Guide


Despite low-interest record rates, the housing market has had a breakthrough year, with the most significant annual gain in single-family house values and rentals, meager foreclosure rates, and the highest… Investor Blogs Real Estate Analysis Market Analysis Minnesota Out of State Investing Property Finder Property Marketplace

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Emergent phenomenon in Northwest Territories

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One market in particular is seeing a disproportionate share of non-resident home owners

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 265: Death and Finances: What to Do (Before and) After A Loved One Passes w/Allison Nichol Longtin


Death and finances can arguably be called the two things that people hate talking about most. Unfortunately, these are two topics that cannot be kept in the dark, as we […]. BiggerPockets Money Podcast

Montreal posts strong sales activity

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The region's home prices exhibit sustained growth amid sharp declines in inventory

Last chance to get your nominations in for 2022 CMAs

Mortgagebroker News

Nominations for the prestigious awards ceremony, set to take place at Toronto's Liberty Grand, close this Friday (January 14