Sat.Nov 20, 2021

House History & Genealogy: Cultivating a Sense of Place through Genealogy, Home History, & Neighborhood Research

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House History and Genealogy The Importance of Teaching Our Children History When children learn about their family history, they not only develop high self-esteem and a feeling of worth, but they are able to better handle stress.

BiggerPockets Podcast 534: Seeing Greene: Should I Buy Now or Wait for a Market Cool-Off?


Welcome to another episode of Seeing Greene! That’s right, David Greene is back with more real estate answers, some brand new metaphors, and basic Jiu-Jitsu knowledge for the new and […]. All BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast


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Where To Invest 200k? Consider Real Estate Investing


With some disposable income, a portion of your inheritance, or a loan – you got the option to invest 200k. The real question is – where to invest 200k? Many… Buying Investment Property Investor Blogs Investment Portfolio Investment Property Analysis Market Analysis Property Finder

Staging Your Home During the Holidays


This year's real estate market was unlike one we've seen in a very long time. So many factors contributed to the influx of buyers to the market and the low inventory, or lack of homes available for sale. Home values increased at record numbers.