Is Your “Crazy” Neighbor Lowering Your Home’s Value?

Cleveland Appraisal Blog

It’s tax appeal season and I’ve had several homeowners say that they feel their neighbors are negatively impacting the value of their home for different reasons. The homeowners of one property stated that their neighbors are a nuisance. The neighbor’s property is an eye-sore.

Racial Bias in Real Estate: Is it the Appraisers’ Fault?


In the past year, the appraisal industry has been under attack from various academics who claim “racial bias” on the part of real property appraisers providing appraisal services to lenders who provide home mortgages. appeared on Appraisers Blogs.


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How to reduce appraisal turn times and improve the borrower experience

Housing Wire

As the appraisal industry struggles to meet demand, Voxtur has developed a solution to streamline the process. HousingWire: What can the industry at large do to support the work of appraisers right now? Appraisers don’t need better management of an outdated process.

Commercial Real Estate Appraisal and Valuation in the Time of Covid-19: What Is the New Normal?

Simonson Real Estate

Despite these radical changes, the business of America carries on, somehow, some way, including commercial real estate appraisal work. How has COVID-19 affected the appraisal process and the values of the various markets and submarkets of commercial real estate?

Appraisals and Valuation Concerns in the Current Market

Simonson Real Estate

Since the onset of COVID, market data remains sparse for certain property types. Topics have centered around appraisals and valuation concerns in the current market environment. Commercial Real Estate Appraisal and Valuation in the Time of Covid-19: What Is the New Normal?

Uncertain future, forgetting the past

Annarbor Appraisal

Not that long ago, the United States in general experienced a significant decline in property sales prices due to the Great Recession and the mortgage market fallout. What about property taxes and their effect on affordability? real estate Realtors market on hold Trends