Zillow Zinged

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For years, Zillow Zesimates have been zinged by real estate professionals for creating angst in the market by their unsupportable value estimates. I regularly work for investors who hire me to appraise a home they are interested in buying. Type of property – Single-Family Residential.

Is Property Appraisal an Art or a Science?


A property appraisal is a process of estimating the value of real estate. Appraisals are almost always used in purchase and sale transactions, where they are used to determine if a home’s price is appropriate for its location, condition and features.


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Appraisers Share Their Top Professional Goals for 2022

Appraisal Buzz

Appraisal industry insiders tend to agree that 2022 will generally be a good year for appraisers. As real property appraisers look ahead to the new year, we wanted to know where they plan to focus their efforts and what they will strive to achieve.

Is Now a Good Time to Become an Appraiser?

Appraisal Buzz

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job growth for appraisers between 2019–2029 will be 3%, which is on pace for all occupations. Since the real estate market impacts the work of real property appraisers, demand for appraisers can fluctuate from year to year.

Racial Bias in Real Estate: Is it the Appraisers’ Fault?


In the past year, the appraisal industry has been under attack from various academics who claim “racial bias” on the part of real property appraisers providing appraisal services to lenders who provide home mortgages. appeared on Appraisers Blogs.

ASC initiates appraisal standards, appraiser qualification criteria

Valuation Review

This is in conjunction with policies established by The Appraisal Foundation’s Appraisal Standards Board and the Appraiser Qualifications Board

Advisory Opinion 16, a Game Changer?


The Appraisal Foundation has issued an exposure draft for Advisory Opinion (AO) 16. Advisory Opinion 16 is Fair Housing Laws: Avoiding Bias in Real Property Appraisal and Appraisal Review Development and Reporting. … USPAP Appraisal Reviews in 15 Minutes? $15

Law 95

AQB adopts criteria changes

Valuation Review

The Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) recently adopted a new edition of the Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria. The Criteria set qualification standards for real property appraisers in the United States and provide continuing education guidelines for current appraisers to maintain their appraisal license

Appraising Green Buildings: Do Solar Panels Add Value to the Property?

Boston Appraisal

As a result, the real estate industry is progressively adopting ecology-minded trends, resulting in the gradual emergence of green buildings (both commercial and residential) across the country. Let’s explore how solar panels and other green features add value to real property.

How to Choose a Real Estate Appraiser

McCarthy Appraisal Blog

How to Choose a Real Estate Appraiser? An appraisal is a professional appraiser’s unbiased and impartial opinion of value based on the condition of the property, prevailing real estate prices and other factors. Evaluate the appraiser’s experience.

Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Review: Essential Handbook to a Necessary and Influential 2nd Opinion

The Robert Weiler Company

Unlike a commercial real estate appraisal review, most of the answers from “Facebook experts” are not fact-based; the responses on your social media post will range from beliefs to convictions to opinions. Why Is a Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Review Required?

4 Ways to Motivate Your Commercial Appraisal Team

Real Quantum

4 Ways to Motivate Your Commercial Appraisal Team. I t is no easy task to motivate your commercial appraisal team and keep their morale high during a pandemic, the holidays and Q4. The appraisers that work for you are the future of the business and the profession.

Revisiting Advisory Opinion 16


Real estate transactions should be bias-free. As most appraisers know, the Appraisal Foundation issued an exposure draft of a complete revision of Advisory Opinion 16 on March 1st. These regulations are aimed at alerting appraisers to unintentional biases they might hold.

Law 85

Why Do Square Footage Disputes Arise?

Empire Appraisal Group

Many characteristics affect the appeal, marketability, and value of a property. Because dwelling size matters to everyone in the transaction—buyers, sellers, agents, appraisers, and lenders—it makes sense to encourage the understanding and use of industry-accepted terms to define size.

Investing in Commercial Property for Sale in Columbus, Ohio? The Complete Beginner’s Guide!

The Robert Weiler Company

Are you a newcomer to buying commercial property for sale in Columbus, Ohio? retail and restaurant headquarters, but the Columbus, OH real estate and job markets have seen remarkable growth, too. Make Sure Your Commercial Real Estate Investment Pays Off with 5 Tips.