Role Play: Appraisers and their Intended Uses

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Tell someone that you’re a professional fee appraiser and most folks won’t have any idea what that really means. In truth, human appraisers fill two vitally important roles today, (1) we collect information and (2) we analyze it so it can be presented to our clients.

Appraisal bill would combat legacy of redlining

Housing Wire

Legislation in Congress would try to solve for inconsistencies in appraisal underwriting, a lack of diversity in the profession, and the legacy of property valuation discrimination. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau would designate the chairperson of the body.


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Top 6 Commercial Appraisal FAQ’s

Simonson Real Estate

So, you are getting ready to request an appraisal on a potential commercial property deal but have a few questions before you decide on what appraisal company to use. What is the Role of the Appraiser? What Standards are Appraisers Required to Comply With?

Estate Appraisals in Massachusetts: Everything You Need to Know

Boston Appraisal

And because real estate properties are usually the most significant financial asset of the deceased, establishing their fair market value is a priority. What Is an Estate Appraisal? To do so, they need the assistance of a professional real estate appraiser.

Appraising Green Buildings: Do Solar Panels Add Value to the Property?

Boston Appraisal

As a result, the real estate industry is progressively adopting ecology-minded trends, resulting in the gradual emergence of green buildings (both commercial and residential) across the country. Let’s explore how solar panels and other green features add value to real property.

Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Review: Essential Handbook to a Necessary and Influential 2nd Opinion

The Robert Weiler Company

Unlike a commercial real estate appraisal review, most of the answers from “Facebook experts” are not fact-based; the responses on your social media post will range from beliefs to convictions to opinions. Why Is a Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Review Required?

Why Do Square Footage Disputes Arise?

Empire Appraisal Group

Many characteristics affect the appeal, marketability, and value of a property. Because dwelling size matters to everyone in the transaction—buyers, sellers, agents, appraisers, and lenders—it makes sense to encourage the understanding and use of industry-accepted terms to define size.

FHA Kitchen Requirements

Sammco Real Estate Appraisal Group

Built-in appliances are considered to be real property and are required by FHA however; slide-in appliances such as a slide-in stove are considered personal property and therefore are not typically required by FHA. This item is often overlooked on ‘flip’ properties where a kitchen has been remodeled but no dishwasher was installed in the intended opening. The post FHA Kitchen Requirements appeared first on Sammco Appraisal Group.

Three Types of Commercial Real Estate Obsolescence

Property Metrics

One of the unique challenges of commercial real estate investment is that markets, types of property , return expectations, and physical environments are in a constant state of change. As a result of these changes, a commercial property could be cash flow positive one day and undesirable the next due to shifts in tenant desires or some other factor. . Properties that do not have these features could be well on their way to becoming functionally obsolete.